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Moove Ring Promotion

A perfectly crafted, flexible silicone ring. It's like a stunt double for your wedding ring! Never Lose, Scratch or Damage Your Metal Ring; Never Risk Injuring Your Finger Again. The most comfortable ring you'll ever wear.

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Moove Ring

A perfectly crafted, flexible silicone ring. It's like a stunt double for your wedding ring! THE PROBLEM: Rigid rings, like the metal band you are accustomed to (and may be wearing right now), do not flex and will eventually limit you because of that.

You may have experienced the need to remove your ring completely, or keep it on during an activity where it was bothersome. If you find yourself removing your ring often, the risk of losing it is extremely high and is higher every time you do - if you haven't lost it yet, the truth is it's only a matter of time before it you do.

On the other hand, if you choose to keep your ring on during activities that you shouldn't, you're risking something as well. It could just be your metal ring is bothersome, which will affect your focus and performance.Or, it could be severe and is a real hazard where you risk serious injury to your finger, like a ring avulsion for example.

YOUR SOLUTION: A perfectly crafted, flexible silicone ring that we call, the Moove Ring - it's like a stunt double for your metal ring! We get it - which is why our simple, yet revolutionary concept, is helping tons of active people do more with a ring on.

Moove Rings are made from medical grade silicone, which is resilient like your skin and 350 times stronger! In fact, our Moove Rings have the highest tensile strength available which means it's simply more durable than any other silicone ring.

Wear it when you're doing something athletic or at work, and it will guarantee your focus is where it should be so you perform your best. And it's perfect for best friend rings too. Avoid the risk of losing your metal ring, increase your focus during work or athletics and showcase your loyalty. Try it for yourself - you'll be glad you did!

Carol Green Carol Green  

#moovering The most comfortable ring you will ever wear!
Jam Hanthao Jam Hanthao  

Hubby does not like his #moovering :D
Jam Hanthao Jam Hanthao  

Greg Courtepatte Http:// Is Promoting Their Moove Ring. Visit Product Page Http:// And Find Out More. #moovering
Karie Herring Karie Herring  

Wearing my traditional gold wedding band was causing me a lot of discomfort and damage to my hands and my wedding band during my workouts. Love the @moovering for my workouts, hiking, or other outdoor activity like yard work. No more damage to my ring or my hands because of my ring! #ad #weights #workout #fitness #fitfashion #fashion #moovering