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MonTien Wine Aerator Pourer Promotion

Every Single Enjoyable Moment For The Healthy Life Style With A Tasty Wine Glass….

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MonTien Wine Aerator Pourer

Every Single Enjoyable Moment For The Healthy Life Style With A Tasty Wine Glass…. Noone can dely that Wine is an essential part of any party, soiree, event, family gathering & at anywhere to make people close together and enjoyable AFTER ALL. MonTien is committed to simplifying wine enjoyment, so that our customers feel comfortable and being relaxed AS ALWAYS. No more imperfection for your wine glass to enjoy! No more worry while you pour wine Let make color for your kitchen and your wine accessories collection with the essential tools. You will love your wine taste no matter what you are at home, on air travel or at bar. Forget Leaking But Focus On The Pleasurable Aspects Of Drinking Quality Wine Woodpecker design is a special part to add on aroma, texture & flavor to your wine A tight seal among all components help with a leak-free during and after pouring Sophisticated design and exquisite box are guaranteed for A PEFECT GIFT to everyone Be easy to disassemble for cleaning after using The MonTien Wine Aerator Pourer is the BEST for YOU and YOUR BELOVED The air bubbles are visible to evaluate how The MonTien Wine Aerator Pourer Set perform. It releases aromas and flavor instantly, and add more value to your taste and wine bottle or decanter. Different from animal, rabbit wine pourer style, the MonTien Wine Pourer has been put into a gift set box which is very sweet and romantic style will be a remarkable present to your beloveds at anytime. To clean, simply twist the acrylic spout to detach it from the flow regulator and rinse all pieces with warm water. No more build-up of gunk in your aerator! LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! The MonTien Wine Aerator Pourer is On Sale for a Limited Time Only!