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Minimalist Bar Urn Pendant Memorial By RICHKING Promotion

If you want to offer a unique present to your family and friends this is it!

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  People Can Apply:  06/07/2016 - 06/22/2016

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Minimalist Bar Urn Pendant Memorial By RICHKING

UTMOST QUALITY: This beautiful pendant is made from the sturdiest materials to ensure its durability. Made of 316L stainless steel, it will not fade, tarnish, rust or stain! The chain of the necklace is also stainless steel. Feel safe; with this high quality pendant you will never lose your memories!

UNPARALLELED DESIGN: This workmanship of this pendant is just amazing. The shine of the metal bar along with the rhinestone, make it jewelry of exquisite design. As one of our happy customer comments "The design is simple, yet strikingly beautiful".

PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: The neutral design of this pendant makes it ideal for both men and women. With such a minimalist design it can definitely match all your outfits, adding an elegant touch to your appearance! The bar pendant is 1.75" long, the chain 18" and the CZ diameter 3mm; the perfect dimensions for an everyday accessory.

GREAT GIFT IDEA: If you want to offer a unique present to your family and friends this is it! You may want to add something in it to make it even more special and personalized. The pendant will arrive to you gift wrapped in a beautiful navy velvet box, ready to be offered and make the best impression!

DESIGN IDEA: "You are the Only One for me!" The slim bar shape design means "Only One" and "Irreplaceable" which shows your long-lasting love.

Mayra Morales Mayra Morales  

#Urn #Review #ProductTesting This Urn Is Stunningly Beautifull. Https:// #Minimalist.
Mayra Morales Mayra Morales  

Niki Shaw Niki Shaw  

This urn pendant is so beautiful! Get yours @ #richking #urn #memorial #necklace #pendant
Chloe Diaz Chloe Diaz  

Get your very own minimalist bar necklace via ( )
Chloe Diaz Chloe Diaz  

This minimalist necklace unscrews to reveal a hollow inside. Within the necklace, I poured in some of my favorite perfume, Acqua Di Gioia, so that I could smell good all day! Get yours via:
Niki Shaw Niki Shaw  

We've recently lost some loved ones in my family and I was thinking about getting an urn necklace. I was offered this necklace for an honest and unbiased review and the timing couldn't have been better. My grandmother also purchased a different urn necklace, which is in a separate review. The necklace has a very minimal look. It is a small, thin cylinder with a jewel near the bottom. I love the statement that it makes. Most urn necklaces are big and look like costume jewelry (the one my grandmother purchased is like that). You can always tell it's an urn and people that don't understand can be turned off by it, but this pendant is elegant and small. You can't even tell it is an urn pendant. The top simply screws off and you insert the ashes using a small funnel, which is included. It is a beautiful way to keep someone you love and miss close to you. The chain is a little short for my taste. I tend to wear necklaces like lanyards so that I can slip them on over my head. I will probably get a longer chain for this pendant eventually, but for now the chain it came with will do just fine. The pendant is made from stainless steel so you don't have to worry about it turning. It will stay beautiful and rust free. The chain is also stainless steel so it won't upset skin allergies or color your skin. It runs $24.99 and you can get one here: #urn #necklace #richking #memorial
Niki Shaw Niki Shaw  

We've Recently Lost Some Loved Ones In My Family And I Was Thinking About Getting An Urn Necklace. I Was Offered This Necklace For An Honest And Unbiased Review And The Timing Couldn't Have Been Better. My Grandmother Also Purchased A Different Urn Necklace, Which Is In A Separate Review. The Necklace Has A Very Minimal Look. It Is A Small, Thin Cylinder With A Jewel Near The Bottom. I Love The Statement That It Makes. Most Urn Necklaces Are Big And Look Like Costume Jewelry (the One My Grandmother Purchased Is Like That). You Can Always Tell It's An Urn And People That Don't Understand Can Be Turned Off By It, But This Pendant Is Elegant And Small. You Can't Even Tell It Is An Urn Pendant. The Top Simply Screws Off And You Insert The Ashes Using A Small Funnel, Which Is Included. It Is A Beautiful Way To Keep Someone You Love And Miss Close To You. The Chain Is A Little Short For My Taste. I Tend To Wear Necklaces Like Lanyards So That I Can Slip Them On Over My Head. I Will Probably Get A Longer Chain For This Pendant Eventually, But For Now The Chain It Came With Will Do Just Fine. The Pendant Is Made From Stainless Steel So You Don't Have To Worry About It Turning. It Will Stay Beautiful And Rust Free. The Chain Is Also Stainless Steel So It Won't Upset Skin Allergies Or Color Your Skin. It Runs $24.99 And You Can Get One Here: Https://
Chloe Diaz Chloe Diaz  

This Minimalist Necklace Unscrews To Reveal A Hollow Inside. Within The Necklace, I Poured In Some Of My Favorite Perfume, Acqua Di Gioia, So That I Could Smell Good All Day! Get Yours Via: