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Mimoday Bluetooth Speakers Promotion

Fed up with Bluetooth Speakers that fail?

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Mimoday Bluetooth Speakers

Fed up with Bluetooth Speakers that fail? Well, buckle up & try a 10 Watt Mimoday Audio Wireless Bluetooth Speaker to know how it feels to use a Bluetooth Speaker that's worth every cent. These affordable yet impressively powerful Bluetooth Speakers feature crystal clear HD sound with Ultra Bass Boost that doesn't carry any distortion or noise. Strong 30 foot Bluetooth Connectivity Using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 interface, these Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers can be easily connected to any & every smart device there is - from iPhone to Android phones, iPads to Android tablets & Smart TVs to Smart Watches. A 360 degree coverage over a 30 foot range ensures that you are always 'listening' - in style. An optional standard 3.5 mm AUX connector (provided with the product) can be used to easily connect these to non-Bluetooth devices. It's a win-win! Designed to Please, Constructed to Last Using the Activ8 Shock Proof Technology & IPX5 Splash Proof Technology, we have made sure that these Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers come out strong always. Rain dances or pool parties, beach carousels or your private shower singing escapades, you will never have to stay without your favourite music. Have you ever seen a hands-free Bluetooth Speaker? You surely haven't - until now. Mimoday Audio has revolutionised how we use Bluetooth speakers by introducing an efficient in-built Bluetooth 4.0 microphone that lets you answer calls wirelessly - ANYWHERE! Batteries that stay true Streamlined to optimize weight & performance. 2,600 mAh Li Ion batteries can standby for 500 hours & provide a high-quality playback of 8 hours. Battery life will vary based on device settings, usage, and environmental factors. Actual results may vary. Add to Cart for sonic freedom NOW!