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Mexico Flag Bandera De Mexico Mexican Flag 3x5 Body Flag Cape Strong Q... Promotion

- polyester- 150 x 90 cm

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Mexico Flag Bandera De Mexico Mexican Flag 3x5 Body Flag Cape Strong Q...

- polyester
- 150 x 90 cm

Joe Walters Joe Walters The flag is made of a nice material, stitches well and is strong and durable. It has vibrant colors and looks great flying in the wind.
Katherine Woodrum Katherine Woodrum  

I am teaching my kids about the geography. They are learning about different countries and states. This week we are learning about Mexico. I am teaching them about their flag, food, animals, plants, and history of their country. When I got this it was perfect timing and we hung it on their bedroom door so they could see it every day as we learn about the country. It is a beautiful flag and represents a lot. We are lucky to be in America and I want my kids ro appreciate all the hard work that goes into becoming a citizen. This is a really nice flag and covers nearly the whole door. When we are finished learning about Mexico I want them to reach out to a fellow Mexican American and give them the flag as a gesture of love and friendship. I am very pleased with being able get this flag and try it out in my kids homeschool. I always think its important to respect a nations flag and treat it with respect. Just as we treat all the people with respect. Click below to order your beautiful Mexican flag today. It really is a beautiful flag asks represents a beautiful country.