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Men's Shirt Promotion

Shirt comes with 2 metal collar stays. Slim fit.

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Men's Shirt

Contrast Neck Band and Cuffs By Men's Collections

Slim fit - Check size chart

Shirt comes with 2 metal collar stays

100% Cotton

Sandy Davis Sandy Davis  

I bought this shirt for my husband, along with a bowtie, tie, and Alabama pin, for Father's Day. It fit perfectly and he looked awesome in it! It truly is a slim fit and you have to have just the right build for it. The sleeves were just a tad bit too short, but otherwise it was perfect. He loved it!
Marina Rojas Marina Rojas  

A REVIEW FOR MEN’S SHIRT YOU CAN FIND AT: This shirt is reminiscent of barbershop quartets and a classic vintage look.  The colors are very pretty & the material is nice. My husband wears a 15-15 ½ dress shirt, so I ordered this shirt in a size 16 because of the items ordered from the internet being notoriously small.  When he put it on, I was really surprised at how ill fitting it is.  It is too small for him to close the collar at the neck to put on a tie with it.  The sleeves are probably at least two inches short to reach the proper position, and the shirt kind of “sits back” at the shoulders in the front, almost like he would have to keep pulling it forward to keep it aligned correctly. In the back of the shirt, at the place where the body of the shirt comes to meet the shoulder facing of the article, there are several puckered pleats that are very uncomely.  I can’t really tell if they’re there on purpose or if this is a sewing error.  It doesn’t look very nice, and it causes the material to bunch in a funny way over the side of both shoulders. No one who saw him in it thought it was attractive, and all said it fit strangely.  I received this product on a promotional discount (or for free) in exchange for my honest review. #mensdressshirt  #productreviewer  #amazonreviewer  #shirtstripedshirt  #QualityStays
YT Bee YT Bee  

My friends at Men's collections asked me to review this shirt on Instagram, so here goes: It's a nice looking shirt, with rich color! There are some very stylish design features, including square buttons, the pocket is inside and has a different color lip, the cuffs are a different color, and it has a taller collar. Overall, it offers a very handsome look when wearing. I didn't wash it yet, so I can't tell you about that aspect. Check it out on Amazon.
Vicki Hale Vicki Hale  

#dressshirt #purple #instablogger #reviewed #dealoftheday
Tristina Monetti Tristina Monetti  

David Berger David Berger  

Men's dress shirt by Quality Stays on Amazon. Quality shirt for a low price.
Charnita Fance Charnita Fance  

Someone was looking good in their "slim fit" collared shirt on Father's Day!
Dave Rivera Dave Rivera  

Sorry for the crappy fold. I got this shirt several weeks ago from @giveawayservice. I love the shirt even though its a bit tight in the arms. What can i say i have big arms lol. Plus this shirt comes with metal tie stays. What other company does that? #producttester #pictureoftheday #potd #picoftheday #stylish #love #instagram #like #like4like #likeforlike #awesomesauce
Danielle Montgomery Danielle Montgomery  

Marcus got an early Father's Day gift. This blue and white dress shirt is a slim fit shirt. It is made well and has a nice sized pocket on the front. It has white cuffs and square buttons which give it a unique look. This can be dressed up or down depending on what you wear it with. #productreview #amazon #giveawayserice #promotion #dressshirt #blue #stripes #fathersdaygift
Crystal Gregg Crystal Gregg Beautiful, classic men's dress shirt sold on #amazon #amazonreview
Lucille Ron Lucille Ron  

Ad: Check out this stripe dress shirt I bought recently. Good for work, events or a night out.
Terry Binkley Terry Binkley  

Luckily got this #shirtsstripedshirt to do a product review. As you can see it's striped, button up shirt, with a slim fit cut. Got this shirt for my brother to wear. At first was afraid it wasn't his style, but he loved it. Shirt is of course striped, and it's a beautiful shade of purple. Shirt fits my brother perfectly, and he looks so debonair in it. Live the details of the shirt from the pretty square buttons to the back with the mitered looking upper back area. Shirt is perfectly made, and everything about it is perfect from button holes to well made collar. If you would also like one go to amazon here Disclosure: I received this shirt at a discounted price in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. #shirtsstripedshirt #producttesting #amazon #giveawayservice
Lynda Roberson Lynda Roberson #Men's Dress Shirt Got to try it for free!