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Meloslice Promotion

Meet the watermelon cutter by MELOSLICE: The hottest summer accessory that is here to stay!

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Meet The Watermelon Cutter By MELOSLICE: The Hottest Summer Accessory That Is Here To Stay!

What's more refreshing than enjoying a watermelon slice in the hot summer weather?

Do you wish though that cutting and serving this delicious fruit would not be that hard?

For Perfect Results Every Time All You Need Is This Watermelon Server - Save Your Self Time & Effort!

If you are sick and tired of struggling to cut a watermelon and the results are always embarrassingly bad, this is definitely for you!

This tool is designed to make your life easier. Stop using knives, spoons or tongs to serve your fruits.

This utensil combines all in one: cutter, slicer, corer and tongs; all fitting in this small but smart invention that will make watermelon serving easy as a breeze!

Too Good To Be Just For Watermelons. Right?

Of course! With this smart gadget you can cut whole Melons, Cantaloupes, Honey Dew melons, Pumpkins and more just in few minutes!

Ideal for summer parties as you can use the empty watermelon or melon rind for decoration, as serving bowl or even to turn it in a juicy cocktail!

Your guests will be definitely impressed!

And Remember: Not All Watermelon Slicers Are Created Equal!

This is the best melon cutter that should not be left out of your kitchen equipment!