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Meixx Smartphone Selfie Lights Promotion

Portable smartphone selfie lights, timed release

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  People Can Apply:  06/06/2017 - 06/15/2017

  Final Approval Date:  06/21/2017

  Final Shipment Date:  06/23/2017

  Retail purchase price:  $ 56.98

  Discounted purchase price:  $ 13.49

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Meixx Smartphone Selfie Lights

Elfie Ring Light 6 brilliantly adapts to any light in any environment. In addition, THREE DIFFERENT COLORS (cool white, warm white, mixed) need to make your beautiful photos at any time, anywhere.
STUNNING 60 ° LIGHTING highlights your forehead, nose and cheekbones to create a silhouette look. LED lights are light-colored to create a golden, tan, radiant glow.
38pcs HIGH-QUALITY LED bulbs make products with sufficient brightness, and two different color temperatures to ensure you have the right choice of light, anytime, anywhere.
Self-timer lights are adjusted and tested by professional portrait photographers, RED-EYE REDUCTION, so your eyes come out so beautiful pictures, even in the dark
Powerful light will help you to read the map or find your handbag stuff, and even wonderful to apply for your lipstick. As long as the self-timer ring light on your SMARTPHONE, iPAD, TABLET PC, LAPTOP, or COMPUTER, this will not only help a lot of better self-timer also chat in advance.