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Meixx Personal Wand Massager Promotion

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Meixx Personal Wand Massager

Medical Silicone
Super powerful vibrations, but very quiet - high-strength, innovative motor provides exceptional power in low sound level.
100% Waterproof design allows the massager to be used in the bath & shower, relieves muscle aches, pains & stress
Multipurpose. Can be used on any body part. For relaxing body massage, from muscle pain, for personal purpose. All that is provided by user-friendly design, soft, pMedical Silicone, flexible neck and special attachment.
The ability easy to carry and enjoy a massage anywhere and anytime, It is cordless, waterproof, compact and lightweight. It is 7.87 inch long and weights 6.4 ounces.
This wand massager is rechargeable, so it doesn't require batteries Recharges fast and works for a long time. 30 day no hassle money back guarantee and 1 year warranty