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Meixx High Quality Pet Traction Rope Promotion

Meixx high quality pet traction rope, limited supply,!first come first served!

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Meixx High Quality Pet Traction Rope

Suitable for SMALL-SCALE DOGS, Length and diameter: 47" L x 0.48" W, FIT NECK SIZE: 10" to 16.9" (26cm to 43cm)
Made with your dog's comfort In mind dog collar SELF-ADJUSTS AS PRESSURE applied to leash, Won't choke your pooch or damage fur. Hand Made Solid Heavy Duty Hook and Clip - Ideal for agility obedience behavior training and everyday walk, High quality dog supply products
SOLID QUALITY set recommended by DOG TRAINERS and VETERINARIANS - Pet supply essentials for safe, Effective training and everyday walking with style. Made with your dog's comfort in mind - Collar self-adjusts as pressure is applied to leash, won't choke your pooch, Damage fur or cause tangles and skin irritation
Unbeatable STRENGTH And DURABILITY - Handmade safety climbing rope with 8x braided nylon threads meet search & rescue standards. High quality and durable Dog Walker, Twist collection, features a Collar and Leash all in one! Makes an excellent training leash. Features an oil tanned leather adjustable slide. No More Twist 360 rotatable connection for easy movement on walks & in dog obedience training class
Heading out for a walk is a great way for you and your dog to get some exercise, but conventional leashes and collars get in the way for A SAFER and MORE ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE. Collars can hurt dogs, Leashes can be difficult to grip. Fortunately, There is a way to solve these problems at once! Olivery dog training walking solution combo is the perfect choice!