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MEISUS Slipper For Women With Wool And Sheepskin Suede Fluffy Slipper Promotion

MEISUS Slipper for Women with The Integration of Wool and Sheepskin Suede Fluffy Slipper with EVA Skid Resistance【if you want please contact me】 fb:

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MEISUS Slipper For Women With Wool And Sheepskin Suede Fluffy Slipper

【Real high-end slippers for women】:Real high-end slippers mean the integration of real wool and sheepskin. A whole piece of wool and sheepskin is used by us to produce the real premium slippers. Just wear it and you will find it totally different from the slippers of splicing.
【The real Australian wool imported from Australia】: We use only real Australian wool. It is so famous for the high fiber density and fine wool quality. The imported Australian wool guarantee our house slipper for women high quality and the pursuit of the details of life.
【More comfortable wearing experience and more warm for you】: Compared with other similar styles of slippers for women, the wool of our high-end women slippers is thicker with more comfortable wearing experience. Our slippers give you a warmer feel at the same room temperature in winter.
【Women slippers with selected EVA material】: The sole of the slippers is EVA material, which has the characteristics of anti-skid and light weight. Besides, we still thicken the sole of the slippers so that our women slippers have a better skid resistance and shock-absorbing ability.
【Easy Care- make them look brand new again】Please wash by hands. If there is a stain or grease on the vamp, smear the powder or chalk on it and wait half a day or six to seven hours, then wipe them out with cotton cloth.If the wool lining is dirty, mix pure milk, white vinegar, and detergent in 1:1:1 of proportion and with water to clean the shoes, then rinse the shoes with clean watet. Finally, use the washing machine to dry it with spinning, then dry it in a cool place.
【if you want please contact me】 fb: