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MedPal Non Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer For Babies Kids And Adults Promotion

Measure temperature with MedPal Non Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer which is much more sanitary and simple to use.

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MedPal Non Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer For Babies Kids And Adults

The MedPal Non Contact Thermometer uses infrared technology to take a temperature when held up to 2 inches away from the forehead. This makes it much more sanitary and simple to use than a standard adult or baby forehead thermometer. Highly accurate, the non contact IR thermometer takes readings in Fahrenheit and Celsius and has a memory recall to store your most recent readings.

Even compared to other non contact thermometers, the MedPal Non Contact Thermometer is the digital thermometer that baby and Mom will love best! Our non contact IR thermometer stands out because it's:

- EASIER TO USE. Just touch one button to take an accurate temperature in less than 1 second

- SIMPLER TO READ. Digital display lets you see a temperature clearly. In addition, the LCD will change colors based on the temperature. Green for Average, Orange for slightly elevated, and Red for High.

VERSATILE. The thermometer can be used for Body temperature, Room Temperature, and for surface temperature.