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Meal Replacement Shake By Slimup Promotion

Is there a pain-free way to lose weight? Of course not, but we can help make it easier and much more enjoyable! This is how a simple shake has changed everything...

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Meal Replacement Shake By Slimup

Delicious Weight Loss Aid - Cookies and cream shake with just 110 calories, organic, gluten free, no soy and Made in the USA

Great Tasting Protein Shake - Mix with water or milk to fill up on proteins and replenish essential amino acids

Aids Workout Recovery and Muscle Growth - Perfect for a post workout drink to boost protein levels

Great Meal on the Go - Satisfies hunger for up to four hours and can be prepared anywhere with the Slimup shaker

Packed with these Essential Amino Acids - Histidine; isoleucine; leucine; methionine; phenyalanine; threonine; tryptophan; valine