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Mazama - TUMALO Hydration Reservoir Pack - 2 Liter Water Bladder Promotion

Hydration packs professionally engineered for performance and durability - Our engineers not only design Hydration Backpacks and Bladders, they also use and abuse them; Developed and field tested in…

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Mazama - TUMALO Hydration Reservoir Pack - 2 Liter Water Bladder

HYDRATION PACKS PROFESSIONALLY ENGINEERED FOR PERFORMANCE AND DURABILITY - Our engineers not only design Hydration Backpacks and Bladders, they also use and abuse them; Developed and field tested in Bend, Oregon - outdoor mecca for Mountain Biking, Road Biking, Trail Running, Nordic Skiing, Alpine Skiing, Stand Up Paddling, and whatever other outdoor activities we can do in our backyard; our products have been put to the test long before they ever get close to you - our valued customer.

BPA FREE 2 LITER TOP FILL BLADDER INCLUDED - The Tumalo Hydration Pack will easily accommodate a 3 Liter Replacement bladder; All Mazama Designs bladders are manufactured with USA made, medical grade film that naturally carries no off flavors of plastic or chemicals as many lower quality bladders do - the unique camlock closure not only assures a leak free seal on your bladder but is also simple to fill.

ERGONOMICALLY BUILT FOR CONVENIENCE AND COMFORT - With Features like 6 accessory pockets to keep your keys, phone, tubes, patch kits, wallet, or whatever organized so your gear doesn't flop around and is easy to find at the end of the trail, road, or trek; While this hydration backpack has plenty of room and features it is still lightweight and efficient. Featuring strap "tuckaways" to keep loose straps from getting caught in anything or just getting in the way.
TASTE THE WATER: Unlike other hydration systems, you'll never get any off flavors with any of our hydration reservoirs. That's because we manufacture all of our hydration pack film right here in the USA; so you can taste water, not plastic.

Tamara ODonnell Tamara ODonnell  

Alex used his new Mazama - TUMALO hydration reservoir pack on the cruise excursions. It made it much easier to make sure we had fresh water traveling through Cozumel. It was made of quality material and had a nice look and feel to it. Check out
Diego Caputo Diego Caputo  

I haven’t used this hydration pack much, but I have to say, the first impression was great, the backpack is made from high quality materials, and is very light with a lot of storage. You can wrap your mtb helmet around the backpack, there is space for a multitool and for an extra tube, space for your wallet, phone, gps, maps and some other small stuff. Inside the bladder storage the walls are made from a thermal retention material looks like aluminum film and I think that’s really great to keep your liquids cold. The bladder comes with a insulate tube cover and that’s is a great add-on, also the bite valve have a little magnet that you can attach to the pack. I’m really liking this.
Kerry Stone Perry Kerry Stone Perry  

I just bought this hydration pack and have to share just how cool it is. I was looking for a quality product at a great price and this was it! It has a 2 Liter bladder but can accommodate up to a 3 liter bladder. And it doesn’t give off any weird tastes! This pack is also super comfortable and lightweight. It has several different pockets and my Favorite part is the magnet for the mouth piece!! AND it comes with a lifetime warranty! This little guy has surpassed my expectations and I just wanted to share with everyone! I can’t wait to take this on a big hike! Https//