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MAXTOMARS® N8 8-Channel Mini Mixer, 4 Stereo / 8 Mono Channel Promotion

Low noise, high impedance circuit design

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MAXTOMARS® N8 8-Channel Mini Mixer, 4 Stereo / 8 Mono Channel

8 Channels Mini Mixer, with AC adapter
8-Channel Mini Mixing Console
Low Noise, High impedance circuit design
AC adapter included: Input 110V, 60Hz, 0.30A Max; Output 48V, DC 400mA. Can also use battery
For Home Audio, Self-made Music, Studio, Concert, Party, Bars, KTV, Meeting, Speech, etc.


▼ Size: 15cm*11cm
▼Kindly Note : No amplifier function

Brand New Four 1/4" unbalanced line level inputs with individual volume controls mixed to one 1/4"unbalanced output. Master volume control 1/4" Inputs and outputs - Use AC adapter or 9V alkaline battery powered Two modes of operation: In stereo mode, 4 inputs (A1 through A4) are routed to output A, while the other 4 inputs (B1 through B4) are routed to output B. In mono mode, all 8 inputs are summed to both outputs, still with separate master volume control Package includes: 1 Mini mixer + 1 adapter + 1 line AC adapter: Input 110V, ~60Hz, 0.30A Max; Output 48V, DC 400mA

Daniela Francesca Daniela Francesca  

Specifications: ▼Size: 15cm*11cm ▼Kindly Note : No Amplifier Function Brand New Four 1/4
Maggie Ornduff Maggie Ornduff  

My husband is a musician and likes to do a lot of song writing and recording here at home. He is thrilled with this little mixer. It does everything that the listing says and it works very well. It can be ran off of a battery, but comes with an AC adapter so you don't have to keep buying batteries. The fact that this is small works great for him as it does not take up a whole bunch of room in our house. Maxtomars packed a lot of functions in the mini mixer. I received this N8 4 Stereo / 8 Mono Channel, Mini Mixer 8-Channel 1/4" Inputs and Outputs Mini Mixer, AC Adapter included, or use Battery, with mono/stereo mode by MAXTOMARS for a discount for my honest opinions.…/…/B01A6OVF0I…
Maggie Ornduff Maggie Ornduff  

This mini mixer might be small, but it packs a big punch.
Daniela Francesca Daniela Francesca  

#Maxtomars #productreviews this is a great N8 mixer by Maxtomars find it on Amazon!
Daniela Francesca Daniela Francesca  

Maggie Ornduff Maggie Ornduff  

My Husband Is A Musician And Likes To Do A Lot Of Song Writing And Recording Here At Home. He Is Thrilled With This Little Mixer. It Does Everything That The Listing Says And It Works Very Well. It Can Be Ran Off Of A Battery, But Comes With An AC Adapter So You Don't Have To Keep Buying Batteries. The Fact That This Is Small Works Great For Him As It Does Not Take Up A Whole Bunch Of Room In Our House. Maxtomars Packed A Lot Of Functions In The Mini Mixer. I Received This N8 4 Stereo / 8 Mono Channel, Mini Mixer 8-Channel 1/4" Inputs And Outputs Mini Mixer, AC Adapter Included, Or Use Battery, With Mono/stereo Mode By MAXTOMARS For A Discount For My Honest Opinions. Https://*Version*=1&*entries*=0 Https://