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MAXTOMARS 4 Channels Mini Mixer, Mic-Line Audio Mixing Console Promotion

For home audio, self-made music, studio, concert, party, bars, KTV, meeting, speech, etc.

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MAXTOMARS 4 Channels Mini Mixer, Mic-Line Audio Mixing Console


▼Size: 14.8cm*8.5cm
▼110V, with US flat plug
▼Brand New
▼Kindly Note : No amplifier function.

Four 1/4" unbalanced line level inputs with individual volume controls mixed to one 1/4"unbalanced output. Master volume control 1/4" Inputs and outputs - Use AC adapter or 9V alkaline battery powered
Package includes: 1 Mini mixer + 1 adapter + 1 line AC adapter: Input 110V, ~60Hz, 0.30A Max; Output 48V, DC 400mA

4-Channel mono unbalanced Mini Mixer - 1/4" Inputs & output - Portable - Battery powered or use optional AC adapter
4-Channel Mini Mixing Console
Low Noise, High impedance circuit design
AC adapter included: Input 110V, 60Hz, 0.30A Max; Output 48V, DC400mA. Can also use battery
For Home Audio, Self-made Music, Studio, Concert, Party, Bars, KTV, Meeting, Speech, etc. Comparing with other Audio Mixing Console, this one is more Lightweight & Convenient to take it anywhere