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MAXTOMARS 4 Channel Mini Mixer, Mic-Line Audio Mixing Console Promotion

Ideal for home audio, self-made music, studio, concert, party, bars, KTV, meeting, speech, etc.

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MAXTOMARS 4 Channel Mini Mixer, Mic-Line Audio Mixing Console


▼Size: 14.8cm*8.5cm
▼110V, with US flat plug
▼Kindly Note : No amplifier function Brand New Four 1/4" unbalanced line level inputs with individual volume controls mixed to one 1/4"unbalanced output. Master volume control 1/4" Inputs and outputs - Use AC adapter or 9V alkaline battery powered
Package includes: 1 Mini mixer + 1 adapter + 1 line AC adapter: Input 110V, ~60Hz, 0.30A Max; Output 48V, DC 400mA

4-Channel mono unbalanced Mini Mixer - 1/4" Inputs & output - Portable - Battery powered or use optional AC adapter
4-Channel Mini Mixing Console
Low Noise, High impedance circuit design
AC adapter included: Input 110V, 60Hz, 0.30A Max; Output 48V, DC400mA. Can also use battery
For Home Audio, Self-made Music, Studio, Concert, Party, Bars, KTV, Meeting, Speech, etc. Comparing with other Audio Mixing Console, this one is more Lightweight & Convenient to take it anywhere

Evelyn Robers Evelyn Robers  

Check out #Maxtomars 4 Channel Mini Mixer and all there other products
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

#maxtomars Best mixer quality around. Check out my amazon review.
Evelyn Robers Evelyn Robers  

Check out #Maxtomars 4 Channel Mini Mixer and all there other products. A portable device for people who need a 4 line-in source. Get details #maxtomars #audio #mixers #lineinmixer #musicians (link:
Robert Ritenour Robert Ritenour  

Got this maxtomars 4 channel mini mixer for discount for review. I'm using it in the studio & its working great!
Robert Ritenour Robert Ritenour  

Got this maxtomrs 4 channel mini mixer for discount for review. I'm using it in the studio and its working great!
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

@maxtomars #maxtomars Not every audio mixer is for everybody but the Maxtomars 4-channel Mixer is exactly that.  It’s the ‘everyman’ console in so many ways.  Unlike many 4-channel mixers sold in the US, it will work in Europe and virtually anywhere else because it can handle up to 240V.  That means some of you can plug it into your truck or SUV.  It will interact with your laptop or smart-phone and includes an SD-slot that is fully mp3 compatible.  On a small mixer, you expect either versatility or ease of use but rarely do you get both - and this little machine offers both.  It fits in the sleeve of my guitar case, along with a microphone and suddenly, with a small amplifier, I have a portable stage wherever I go.  It can be fun having an impromptu jam session at the beach or a big family picnic!  But I can also use it to get a clean ‘nature’ recording or take it to the classroom to use for my elaborate powerpoint presentation.  It’s not going to let me down, nor will there be a mess of cords or unnecessary extras required to make it work.  Every slot seems to have been chosen to take away the need for adapters while giving you the most options.  Any sound engineer who finds themselves in the layman-to-amateur-to-professional category will quickly fall in love with this one.
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

@maxtomars #maxtomars Not Every Audio Mixer Is For Everybody But The Maxtomars 4-channel Mixer Is Exactly That. It’s The ‘everyman’ Console In So Many Ways. Unlike Many 4-channel Mixers Sold In The US, It Will Work In Europe And Virtually Anywhere Else Because It Can Handle Up To 240V. That Means Some Of You Can Plug It Into Your Truck Or SUV. It Will Interact With Your Laptop Or Smart-phone And Includes An SD-slot That Is Fully Mp3 Compatible. On A Small Mixer, You Expect Either Versatility Or Ease Of Use But Rarely Do You Get Both - And This Little Machine Offers Both. It Fits In The Sleeve Of My Guitar Case, Along With A Microphone And Suddenly, With A Small Amplifier, I Have A Portable Stage Wherever I Go. It Can Be Fun Having An Impromptu Jam Session At The Beach Or A Big Family Picnic! But I Can Also Use It To Get A Clean ‘nature’ Recording Or Take It To The Classroom To Use For My Elaborate Powerpoint Presentation. It’s Not Going To Let Me Down, Nor Will There Be A Mess Of Cords Or Unnecessary Extras Required To Make It Work. Every Slot Seems To Have Been Chosen To Take Away The Need For Adapters While Giving You The Most Options. Any Sound Engineer Who Finds Themselves In The Layman-to-amateur-to-professional Category Will Quickly Fall In Love With This One. Http://
Robert Ritenour Robert Ritenour  

Got This Maxtomars 4 Channel Mini Mixer For Discount For Review. I'm Using It In The Studio And Its Working Great! Https://*Version*=1&*entries*=0
Evelyn Robers Evelyn Robers  

Had A Chance To Do A Product Review On The Maxtomars 4 Channel Mono Mixer - Summarized The Following Pros/cons And Added A Few Recommendations For Maxtomar Review To Incorporate Into Their Next Enhancement. Drop A Comment What You Use Mono Mixers For. Curious How The Audio World Incorporates This Into Your Day. Pros: 'Power Options – AC Or 9 Volt 'Definitely Lightweight ' Construction Strong ' Perfect For Analog Inputs ' Quiet – No Humming Cons: 'Change Volume Pots Sensitivity 'Balance Signals Were Not Consistent. Recommendations: ~Suggest A Mini Carry Case Or Pouch To Protect Knobs See Product Details - > Http://