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Marsboy 300ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Promotion

Automatic power off when water used up, which ensures safety.

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Marsboy 300ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser


Attention: Please add water below the Max line. Before press the "MIST" button, please ensure that you have added water into the tank. 300ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy  Aromatic mist creates a soothing environment perfect for aromatherapy. Essential Oil Diffuser provides many health benefits e.g. improves breathing, strengthen the immune system, help to lift your mood and relieve stress.You can rest assured and get peaceful mind of sleep.

Function Keys: "MIST": Press the "Mist" button, choose the time from 1 hour/3 hours/6 hours/steady on. 
"Light"-Press the "Light" button to turn on the LED light, the color will change automatically. 
Press the "Light" button again to freeze the color you want. 
Press the "Light" button again to change another color, 7 color is available.
Each color is adjustable between Bright and Dim.

Specifications:  Capacity:300ml Timer: 60mins/180mins/360mins Size:6.69*6.69*6.10 inches Package weight: 24.97oz / 1.56lb Input Power: AC100-240V 50/60HZ Output Power:DC24V 650MA Advanced ultrasonic technology: 2.4MHZ Working time: 10 hours What You Get: 1 * Oil Diffuser 1 * Adapter 1 * Measuring cup for filling water 1 * User Manual Note: Oil is not included in the package 

Jeanne Melanson Jeanne Melanson  

Marsboy Aroma Humidifier Oil Diffuser 300ml Humidifier Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier With 7 Color Changing LED Lights I Really Like This Diffuser. It Look Nice In My Living Room. I Would Have Preferred Real Wood, The It Looks Real Enough. The LED Light Colors Are Very Nice And You Can Choose The Hue You Want -- Example, Pale, Average, Or Deep. You Can Run It For 1 Hour, 3 Hr, 6 Hr, Or Continuous Mist. It's Very Easy To Fill And Clean. However, The AC Adapter, Which Plugs Into The Bottom, Kept Falling Out. I Found A Position Where It Stays Plugged In, And I Haven't Moved It Since. All-in-all, I Love This Diffuser And Would Recommend It To Anyone. I Received This Product At A Discounted Price In Exchange For A Review. I Do Not Recommend Products I Do Not Own, Use, Or Believe In. Http://
Esmond Chin Esmond Chin  

Https:// This Diffuser Is Gorgeous - The Size Was Actually Bigger Than I Expected But Its Presence Definitely Brings A New Sense Of Luxury And Feel To The Room. The Wood Finish Adds A Nice Touch And Compliments The Decor In My Living Room. I've Received Compliments On It With Every Visit From Friends And Family. It Does Its Job And Diffuses Oil Without Issues. The Extra Size Provides Extra Diffusing Time.
Krista Conway Krista Conway  

Man Oh Man, I Live Out In Southern California And We Are In A Severe Drought And It's So Very Dry Out Here Right Now. I'm From Houston Texas And Was Already Very Use To The Humidity And Moving Out To SoCal Has Been A Shock To Say The Least. I'm Pretty Sure My Skin Has Aged At Least 10 Years In The Last 5. Humidity Is So Good For Your Complexion And This Humidifier Has Been Heaven Sent. Not Only Does It Work Well, It's Just Beautiful! The Wood Design Is So Pretty And It's Very Easy To Use. I Have A Lot Of Essential Oils So I Put A Few Drops Of Peppermint Oil In The Water And It Smelled Wonderful. Made Me Feel Like It Was Christmas Time Lol. The Lights Are So Super Cool As Well. You Can Set The Intensity Of Both The Lights And The Steam. I Love Just Watching It Do It's Thing, Very Relaxing As Well As The Soft Bubbling Sound It Makes. Love The Dancing Steam As It Comes Out. Https://
Chloe Armstrong Chloe Armstrong  

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Tik Szeto Tik Szeto  

Super Quiet Low Profile Humidifier. I Was Able To Fit This On My Nightstand And Use It Overnight. It’s Not Too Loud And The Hum Creates A Nice White Noise. I Also Added A Couple Drops Of Lavender Essential Oil Which Really Promotes A Good Sleep. #Topbrandbox Https://
Ronan Dynamic Ronan Dynamic  

Exquisitely Beautiful! It's One If Not The Only Best Looking Aroma Humidifier Out There. It's A Decoration Itself. The Faux-wood Design Has A Realistic Grain Look. The Shape And Design Of The Humidifier Will Match In Most Of Design In Any Home Or Office. It Perfectly Matches My Minimalist Decoration Of White And Brown Color Scheme. It So Easy To Use As Well And Has A Lot Of Settings. I Like Mine Set Into Transitioning Color And The Mist I Usually Set To 3 Hours. What I Also Like About This Is That It Auto-shut Offs Whether It Reaches The Time Or When There Are No Water In The Container. So I Don't Have To Worry When I Fall Asleep While Using This. =) Https://
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

His Review Is From: Marsboy Aroma Humidifier Oil Diffuser 300ml Humidifier Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier With 7 Color Changing LED Lights (Office Product) My Entire Living Room Is Decorated In Natural Textures. I Prefer Wood For Furniture Instead Of Leather, Cloth, Or Any Other Man Made Materials. Natural Color And Texture Is My Preference For Just About Everything. I Love Nature And Bring It Indoors Every Chance I Get. My New Diffuser Is No Different. I Wanted An Oil Diffuser That Would Add A Natural Touch And Aroma To My Home. I Found Exactly What I Wanted. The Outer Shell Is Made From A Beautiful Grained Finish That Accents The Natural Lines In The Wood. Hidden Inside Are The Components To Create A Cool Mist Bringing My Choice Of Scent To My Room. Lavender / Orange Blend Brings A Calm And Crisp Scent To Thee Room. It Adds Relaxation To Everyone With Calm In The Air. The Diffuser Has Lights That Can Be Adjusted Just Like The Misting Function. Also Included Is A Measuring Cup To Get Just The Right Amount Every Time. There Is An Auto Off Function To Keep My Home Safe Too. Love The Freshness My New Oil Diffuser Brings To My Home. I Was Govern A Discount In Exchange For An Honest Review. I Consider Quality Of Materials, Workmanship, Safety, And Ease Of Use When Evaluating Each Product. I Appreciate All Questions And Comments. Thank You For Reading My Opinion.
Kali Yang Kali Yang  

This Is How I Use Essential Oils- Right In A Diffuser! This Is A Marsboy 300 Ml Aroma Diffuser Right Off Amazon, And Dang Is It Powerful! Sandalwood Smells So Good!! Hopefully It Makes Nap Time And Bedtime Better :)
Elaine Jeppesen Elaine Jeppesen  

Tammy White Tammy White  

Features: Attention: Please Add Water Below The Max Line. Before Press The
Andreia Aquarian Andreia Aquarian  

#marsboy 300ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser:)#topbrandbox
Chris Ruane Chris Ruane  

This Thing Is Great Looks Good Works Good And Is Built Really Well. Wasn't Sure How I Was Going To Feel About The Fake Wood Plastic But It Looks Good. Really The Only Downside It Have To Say About This Product As It Doesn't Come With The Sample Of Oil So Make Sure You Have Your Own Before Purchasing This. I Received This Product On A Promotional Discount For My Honest Review And They Are 100% My Own Opinions. I Received No Compensation For This Review And I Am Not Required To Give A Positive Review. I Am Also Not Associated With The Seller In Any Way.
Victoria Stacy Victoria Stacy  

I Received An Oil Diffuser (I've Always Wanted One) From A Product Review Site In Order For My Honest Opinion. First Off I Was Amazed At How Easy It Is To Use And So Much More Affordable Then Those Darn Glade Plug Ins. I Just Added Water And A Few Drops Of Lemon Oil, The Smells Of The Kitchen And Pantry Transformed To That I Just Mopped The Floor Smell. As I Was Turning It Off I Noted It Also Has Color Changing Lights! Now For The Downside, I Doubt I Will Find It In My Kitchen In The Morning As My Daughter Hinted That She Wanted One For Her Room. If Your Interested Try Out This Link To The Site And Get Your Own!
Kelly Hysell Kelly Hysell  

Features: Attention: Please Add Water Below The Max Line. Before Press The
Donia Gonzales Copeland Donia Gonzales Copeland  

Rich Klingler Rich Klingler  

Have You Ever Heard Of An Aroma Diffuser. I Bought One. It Also Humidifies And Has LED's. Anyway, Made A Review For It. Here It Is. FIRST IMPRESSION: In A Very Basic Box But Wow! Does It Look Nice When You Open It. I Absolutely Love The Wood Grain And The Size And Style. It Really Would Look Good Anywhere. I Love That I Can Humidify The Air And Add A Scent With Essential Oils. USE: Easy To Setup. Just Lift The Top, Dump An Included Cup Of Water And Drop Some Essential Oil Right On The Water. Replace The Top And Press The Buttons To Start. The Left Button Will Run Through The LED Colors And The First Push Is For Alternating Colors. The Right Button Will Click Through The Amount Of Vapor That Comes Out Of The Top. It Is Super Simple And Works Perfectly. It Also Looks Fantastic On My Oak Bookcase. The Smell Fills The Room Quickly And It Stays On For A Long Time Before It Shuts Off Automatically When The Water Level Drops And Needs A Refill. So It Is Set It And Forget It. It Really Is An Almost Silent Operation And Just Gives A Hint Of A Water Fountain Type Sound Or Water Drips Sound When Running On Max Output. It Even Works Great During The Summer Since The Air Conditioner Will Take The Humidity Out Of The Air That This Creates. In The Winter It Adds Humidity To The Dry Air. Quite Ingenious. Here Is The Link Of Where I Bought It:
Olivia McPherson Olivia McPherson  

This Aroma Humidifier Oil Diffuser Is Stunningly Beautiful, And I Just Love The Sleek Modern Looking Coated Wood Grain Finish. I've Long Been A Fan Of Using Essential Oils To Freshen Up My Home, So This Is Now My Third Aromatherapy Diffuser And This One Is Definitely My Favorite! Https://
Amanda Homeyer Amanda Homeyer  

Https:// I Love The Light Around The Body And At The Top Opening. The Colors Are So Vivid! The Only Very Tiny Little Issue I Had Was That The Green Power Indicator Light Doesn't Change Color With The Rest Of The Unit So It Is Always Green. I Just Turned The Diffuser Around So That Light And The Buttons Are In The Back Where It Can't Be Seen. No Big Deal. The Power Cord Plugs In On The Bottom Underneath The Unit And Doesn't Have A Specific Directionality So You Can Rotate It Around Depending On Where You Want The Wire To Come Out. Makes It Very Easy To Position The Unit How You Want And Hide The Cord. The Cord Itself Isn't Very Thick Either So It's Not An Eyesore. I Taped Mine Under The Countertop And You Barely Notice It. It Delivers Scent To A Nice Sized Area. I Have A Large Open Kitchen/dining/living Room Combo And I Can Smell The Scent Throughout The Whole Area. Looks Very Attractive With The Vapor Coming Out Of The Top. The Wood-look Covering Looks Like Actual Wood. You Can't Even Tell It Isn't Unless You Take Off The Top And Inspect It. The Timer Is Very Convenient (1hr, 3hr, Or 6 Hr) So I Can Set It Accordingly If I Plan On Leaving Or Going To Bed. I Don't Have To Remember To Turn It Off. Also Has The Nice Feature Of Auto-off If The Reservoir Runs Out Of Water. The Reservoir Lasts Quite A While. I Haven't Taken An Actual Time Measurement But One Fill Lasted Quite A Few Various 1 And 3 Hour Settings. It Is Very Easy To Fill, Just Lift The Top Right Off. I Can't Wait To Get More Oil Scents. I Haven't Even Used My Wax Melts Since I Purchased This. I Received This Item At A Discount In Exchange For My Honest And Unbiased Review. Why No Voting Buttons? We Don't Let Customers Vote On Their Own Reviews, So The Voting Buttons Appear Only When You Look At Reviews Submitted By Others. Permalink
Sarah Kremer Sarah Kremer  

I've Wanted An Essential Oil Diffuser For Awhile And I Finally Got One! We Love It!
Jennifer Anderson Jennifer Anderson  

I Purchased This Item And Its A Wonderful Little Stylish Diffuser That Also Works As A Small Humidifier, Great For When The Girls Have A Cold And Need Some Eucalyptus Oil In The Air To Help With Coughs.
Emma Blanck Emma Blanck  

Features: Attention: Please Add Water Below The Max Line. Before Press The
Amber Lopez Amber Lopez  

Robert Santana Robert Santana  

Great Diffuser In Looks And Functionality, I Got Mine On Amazon.
Misty Hofert Misty Hofert  

Review For Oil Diffuser This Little Oil Diffuser Packs A Lot Of Punch For Its Size. Its Sleek, Wood-grain Exterior Will Fit With Many Different Styles Of Decor. It's Large Enough To Notice, But Won't Take Up An Overwhelming Amount Of Space On A Shelf Or Table. It Is Fairly Easy To Set Up And Get Going, But The Directions Leave Much To Be Desired - The English Is Very Broken. Good Thing This Little Gadget Is Fairly Self-explanatory. It Does Not Seem To Actually Have A High/low Setting - The Instructions Say To Long Press The On Button, But All This Does Is Turn Off The Unit. It Is Very Easy To Toggle Through The Time Settings, And It Turns Off At The Desired Time (unless You Run Out Of Water First - The Unit Is Supposed To Auto Shut Off If It Runs Out Of Water, But I Have Not Yet Tested This). After Adding The Water And A Few Drops Of Essential Oil And Plugging This Diffuser In, It Immediately Filled My Room With The Scent. I Wish It Gave Suggestions For How Many Drops Of Oil To Add, Especially For Room Size And Running Time. I Will Have To Do Some Research And Trial/error. I Do Love The Subtle Colors That This Diffuser Offers. As I Am Expecting My First Child, I Plan To Use This In The Baby's Room And Am Hoping These Will Be A Nice Touch. I'm Happy To Have An Oil Diffuser So That I Can Add Different Scents To Soothe Her And Battle The Dry Winter Air. Because It Doesn't Hold Much Water At Once, I Don't Plan To Use This As A Humidifier. I Don't Think It Would Be All That Effective. I Received This Product At A Discount In Exchange For My Honest, Unbiased Review. All Opinions Are My Own And I Am In No Way Affiliated With The Seller.
Heather Baker Heather Baker  

Features: Attention: Please Add Water Below The Max Line. Before Press The
Lorrie Kelley Lorrie Kelley  

Features: Attention: Please Add Water Below The Max Line. Before Press The
Jamie Easton Jamie Easton  

Https:// I Recently Purchased This Diffuser. I Love It. It Looks Like Wood, Its Cleans Easy, And It Has Different Colored Lights.
Amol Garg Amol Garg  

Humidifiers Are Great To Use Especially During This Time Of The Year When Things Are Starting To Dry Up In The Northern Hemisphere. Not Only To They Add Some Moisture To The Air But Some, Like This…