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Majestik® Premium Pocket Bluetooth Selfie Stick Promotion

Easy to use! Just connect device to 'Majestik' bluetooth, open camera app & press the button to snap

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Majestik Premium Pocket Bluetooth Selfie Stick

This is a must-have item for all you social media users to capture your best angles and moments when you're travelling or doing outdoor activities. No need for an Instagram Husband or a stranger to take a photo for you :)
Take pictures in style with the most fashionable and trendy monopod on the market today!


Retail price: $29.95
Your Price: Only $0.99!!!

The Majestik® Selfie Stick is fully extendable up to 31.5 inches, yet still compact and pocket size

The 270 degree adjustable head gives you the freedom to capture your perfect angles and surroundings

This new and improved selfie stick features wireless bluetooth technology so you no longer have to setup your smartphone camera's self-timer everytime you want to take some amazing snaps

A built-in shutter button located on the handle allows you to take quick photos at will with the press of a button
and with a quick charge, the long-lasting battery allows you to take photos for up to 20 hours

Premium quality - the stainless steel material allows for durable strength even when fully extended, providing full safety for your smartphone

The chic & elegant look of it's design provides you with a fashionable accessory that you need in your bag!
Lightweight, foldable and suitable for all smartphone sizes

Easy to use! Just connect device to 'Majestik' bluetooth, open camera app & press the button to snap

Instagram model's no. 1 pick and highly recommended by prosocial media photographers!

Upgrade your selfie game with Majestik® Selfie Stick!