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Magnetic Dry Erase Refrigerator Whiteboard Promotion

Each set comes with 3 colored markers and a full-sized eraser for erasing large areas faster.

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Magnetic Dry Erase Refrigerator Whiteboard

GREAT VALUE: Each set comes with 3 colored markers and a full-sized eraser for erasing large areas faster. All of them have magnets at the back so they easily stick on your fridge. No more settling for the poorly-constructed eraser at the back of the marker that does not erase completely.

MULTI-PURPOSE ORGANIZER: Keep track of your appointments, to do lists, chore charts; or simply use it as a doodling board for kids! Helps you stay organized and in control of your tasks, while saving you tons of paper.

EASY TO USE: Strong magnet easily attaches to any magnetic surface. Keep everyone up to date and on the same page as you with messages and reminders on your fridge, in the office, on filing cabinets, and more.

STAIN-FREE CLEANING: Full-sized eraser lets you erase easily without leaving stains or visible markings – makes the board last longer and stay usable.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: Have confidence knowing that your purchase is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Carol Green Carol Green  

Here is a tip for the "organizationally challenged" :-) I got this magnetic dry erase board to keep me organized and love that it simply goes on my fridge. The markers are handy to grab and write what I need to remember on the dry erase board - whether it is groceries I need to get, appointments to remember or a note to leave so others in the household know where I went. After I write my grocery list on the dry erase board and I am ready for a trip to the store, I just grab my iphone and take a picture of what is written so its handy to do my shopping with. I don't have to write it all down again! This is good quality and the markers don't leave traces of color, like the other markers I had, so it stays clean and new looking.Want to check one out? I got mine here:
James Wise James Wise  

Https:// Perfect Size For Any Refrigerator, Great For Shopping Lists And Appointments. Something You Will Look At All The Time. Love That It Came With The Magnetic Markers And Eraser.
Carol Green Carol Green  

Here Is A Tip For The "organizationally Challenged" :-) I Got This Magnetic Dry Erase Board To Keep Me Organized And Love That It Simply Goes On My Fridge. The Markers Are Handy To Grab And Write What I Need To Remember On The Dry Erase Board - Whether It Is Groceries I Need To Get, Appointments To Remember Or A Note To Leave So Others In The Household Know Where I Went. After I Write My Grocery List On The Dry Erase Board And I Am Ready For A Trip To The Store, I Just Grab My Iphone And Take A Picture Of What Is Written So Its Handy To Do My Shopping With. I Don't Have To Write It All Down Again! This Is Good Quality And The Markers Don't Leave Traces Of Color, Like The Other Markers I Had, So It Stays Clean And New Looking.Want To Check One Out? I Got Mine Here: Https://
Jacob Theisen Jacob Theisen  

Just Received this cool magnetic dry erase board. This board makes a perfect edition to your fridge. Simply jot notes or draw pictures for everyone in your house to see. I would like to thank Gizmo Mate for sending me this cool product. #amazon #onlineshopping #visa #mastercard #model #fashion #modeling #follow4follow #followme #reviewkick #amzreviewtrader #amazonreviewer #applegive6 #amazonreview #amazonreviewer #amzonereviews #freeforreview #gotitforfree #productreview #producttesting
James Wise James Wise Perfect size for any refrigerator, great for shopping lists and appointments. Something you will look at all the time. Love that it came with the magnetic markers and eraser.
Zaneta Ortiz Zaneta Ortiz  

The Days Of Writing The Shopping List On A Piece Of Paper And Then Loosing It Or Forgetting About It Are Long Over. All Important Family Notes And Reminders Now Go On Our Magnetic Dry Erase Board On The Fridge. Https:// #gizmomate
Zaneta Ortiz Zaneta Ortiz  

The days of writing the shopping list on a piece of paper and then loosing it or forgetting about it are long over. All important family notes and reminders now go on our magnetic dry erase board on the fridge. Https:// #gizmomate
Jacob Theisen Jacob Theisen  

Just Received This Cool Magnetic Dry Erase Board. This Board Makes A Perfect Edition To Your Fridge. Simply Jot Notes Or Draw Pictures For Everyone In Your House To See. I Would Like To Thank Gizmo Mate For Sending Me This Cool Product! Https://