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Magnetic Dry Erase Board For Fridge Promotion

Use the entire board to leave a huge, difficult-to-miss reminder.

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Magnetic Dry Erase Board For Fridge

The Ultimate Magnetic Whiteboard for Every Purpose
There are tons of uses for GizmoMate Magnetic Dry Erase Board.

The large 17 x 11 inches gives you great versatility and flexibility with what you can do. Divide the board in half and use one side for your to do list, and the other as a message board. Have an important or urgent event coming up? Use the entire board to leave a huge, difficult-to-miss reminder. The possibilities are endless. Clean & maintain your board easily. As customers ourselves, we have found that the usual erasers that are in-built at the back of the marker does a very poor job of erasing. Especially when the board is filled with writing, the small-sized eraser does not completely erase, and usually leaves visible tinge of the marker writings. With the standalone eraser, you can now erase cleanly without a sweat. It is not overly big, fits nicely in your grip, and effortlessly wipes your board. Aside from its practicality, this white board adds a personalized touch to your kitchen and home. Its size is a perfect fit for most refrigerators, and is super easy to set up. Fun for Kids This magnetic board also brings great fun to kids. Keep your child entertained with some doodling time and hone their drawing skills! The large-sized board is great for letting kids express their hidden creativity.

Why Choose GizmoMate Magnetic Dry Erase Board? Versatile board that can be used at home, the office, in a dorm or anywhere else Keep everyone up to date on tasks, chores, events, and more! Fun doodling and drawing board for kids! Easily clean the writings on the board with the included eraser Backed with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can be sure you're getting a quality product.
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