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Luxury Loofahs Bath & Shower Mesh Ball Promotion

Lightly caress the shower puff across your skin and squeeze to release foaming soap for a gentle experience, or take advantage of the mesh texture for a deeper scrub with excellent exfoliation.

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Luxury Loofahs Bath & Shower Mesh Ball

Lightly caress the shower puff across your skin and squeeze to release foaming soap for a gentle experience, or take advantage of the mesh texture for a deeper scrub with excellent exfoliation.

Replace your bath sponge as often as you like with the convenient three-piece packaging selection! THINGS ON THE GO is dedicated to satisfying your needs and wishes, with high quality products that stand above all others.

We constantly strive to become more creative in order to satisfy even the most demanding customers out there! You could be the next one to get a taste of our amazing product and service quality experience!

Give them a try and see for yourself!
The bath sponges are only available here and are backed up by our 100% money back guarantee!

Emmy Hernandez Emmy Hernandez  

Ohhh these are so fluffy and made with such high quality! I have always bought stuff like this but I will tell you that these Luxury Loofah Shower Puffs are of the highest quality of materials! Definitely something I have been needing in the shower! Just washing off with these loofas makes me feel like I went to a spa! A very refreshing feeling! Everyone needs to purchase these loofas instead of other brands! These loofas are the best!!!
Bridgette Mahmood Bridgette Mahmood  

#loofah I Don't Use Shower Poufs Much, I Usually Just Use A Washcloth. My Husband Love Them. So I Saw These On Amazon, And I Decided To Order Them. It Has 3 In The Package, So We Both Can Use The Shower Poufs. We Got The Blue, My Husband Wouldn't Be Caught Dead With A Pink Pouf. These Are Packaged Nicely In A Set. One Thing I Noticed Is The Loop On The Shower Poufs. It's Not The Crummy Ones That Break. This One You Can Slip Your Hand Through And Have Easier Control Over The Scrubbing. The Description Says They Are Safe Enough, And Gentle Enough For Any Type Of Skin Including Sensitive Skin. It Only Takes A Few Drops Of Your Favorite Body Wash Added To The Pouf, Andit Becomes Really Soapy. The Pouf Is Made Of Of A Mesh Material, And They Seem To Be Quality Made..I Am Very Satisfied With My Purchase.I Have Had Absolutely No Problem With The Poufs. I Think The Price Is A Good Value. I Was Given This Product For Free Or At A Reduced Price, For My Honest And Truthful Ubiased Review. All Opinions Are My Own. I Am A Consumer. I Personally Buy And Use Every Product I Review. Https://
Justin Johnson Justin Johnson  

Free product for reviewing. If you like using loofah then these work great.
Amanda Bellard Amanda Bellard  

Yeap! I'm Lovin Em:) Https:// #loofah #THINGSONTHEGO #ReviewerPerks #Review #exfoliate
Tiffeny Monson Tiffeny Monson  

Lightly Caress The Luxury Bath Sponge Scrubber Across Your Skin During Your Shower And Squeeze To Release Foaming Soap For A Gentle Experience, Or Take Advantage Of The Mesh Texture For A Deeper Scrub With Excellent Exfoliation. You Will Realized By Yourself That It's A Perfect Exfoliating Mesh ...
Justin Johnson Justin Johnson  

These Loofah Are Great Quality And Work Very Well. The Issue That I've Had With Previous Loofah Is That They Are Cheap Quality And Fall Apart. Not These They Hold Up To Continued Use Daily. I Have Found For Someone Who Is Looking To Be Frugal That You Don't Actually Have To Purchase Bath Gel. I Actually Used To Only Purchase Bath Gel But Then A Friend Told Me He Uses Regular Bar Soap With His Loofah And To My Surprise It Works. You Can Purchase Your Favorite Brand Of Bar Soap And Apply It To The Loofah And It Works And Lathers Way Better Than Using A Regular Wash Cloth. I Would Recommend These For Men And Women Alike.
Bridgette Mahmood Bridgette Mahmood  

#loofah #thingsonthego #shower #luxury #poufs #bathtime #bathroom
Amanda Bellard Amanda Bellard  

Yeap! I'm lovin em:) #loofah #THINGSONTHEGO #ReviewerPerks #Review #exfoliate