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Luxury Bath & Shower Loofahs Mesh Ball Promotion

3 pack large high quality shower & bath mesh balls.

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Luxury Bath & Shower Loofahs Mesh Ball

Lightly caress the shower puff across your skin and squeeze to release foaming soap for a gentle experience, or take advantage of the mesh texture for a deeper scrub with excellent exfoliation. Replace your bath sponge as often as you like with the convenient three-piece packaging selection!

THINGS ON THE GO is dedicated to satisfying your needs and wishes, with high quality products that stand above all others. We constantly strive to become more creative in order to satisfy even the most demanding customers out there! You could be the next one to get a taste of our amazing product and service quality experience! Give them a try and see for yourself! The bath sponges are only available here and are backed up by our 100% money back guarantee!