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Luggage Scale Promotion

Luggage Scale with Digital Display Built in Backlight for Easy Reading

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Luggage Scale

Luggage Scale with Digital Display Built in Backlight for Easy Reading

Do you make these travel mistakes?

- Arrived at the airport to find out you over packed now you need to pay a huge airline luggage overweight fees?

- Want to stop using your floor scale to weight your luggage?

- Tired of moving items from one luggage to another at the airport?

- Would you like to make packing easier?

No more extra baggage fees! Introducing your very own Accuoz Luggage Scale to the rescue!

- Designed to be portable, lightweight and easy to use.

- Built-in backlight for easy reading. - Versatile with strap and not just stuck to a hook design.

- Max weight 110lbs/50g.

- Zero and Tare Function: Switch on/off (press for 2 seconds to turn off or it will auto turn off within a minute of no use) and press again to show zero weight.

- UNIT Function allows easy viewing between weight in pounds or grams, press again to view temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit as new bonus feature.

- Auto lock weight.

- Low battery/over load indication.

- Battery included 1*3v lithium cell(CR2032).