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Limm Yoga Strap Promotion

Empower yourself to do more than ever before with this extra-length 8 ft long yoga strap by Limm.

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Limm Yoga Strap

Effortlessly hold new positions you previously found impossible with this extra long 8 ft belt.
Exceedingly comfortable 100% cotton material allows you to relax & feel at peace in the most strenuous poses.
You can apply as much pressure to this belt as you need. Thick, wide material is strong & durable & has heavy cotton webbing sewn throughout.
You will be able to hold poses for long periods of time without interruption thanks to a sturdy metal D ring buckle that never slips & doesn't require re-adjustment.
Relax knowing you won't mix up your belt with someone else's, even at the most crowded studio or class. This bright, multi-colored, white & blue design stands out & is eye-catching compared with typical single-color belts.