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Leopard Outdoor Vinyl Fishing Cooler Bag Blue Promotion

The heavy-duty outer shell is comprised of waterproof PVC tarpaulin and high-density closed cell foam

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Leopard Outdoor Vinyl Fishing Cooler Bag Blue

Leopard Outdoor Products Vinyl Fishing Cooler Bag 24 Can


1. The heavy-duty outer shell is comprised of waterproof PVC tarpaulin and high-density closed cell foam

2. Heat-welded seams prevent liner leaks

3. The exterior zipper is waterproof for perfect protection

4. Features a front and rear pocket for dry items

5. FDA-approved liner

6. Different capacity(12/24/36/48Can) and different colors for option

Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

#warterproofcoolerbag @leopard This is the most versatile cooler that I've ever owned.  I opened the package that arrived with such delight after I had seen how thick the outer vinyl was with double thick insulation to keep drinks ice cold.  I've had plenty of soft coolers but none have reminded me of the commercial tear proof thick covers like this one.  It will never tear. In addition, the straps are supportive under the bag and a shoulder strap supports underneath too.  This coolers engineering allows it to convert between a 12 can to a 48 can capacity in a manner of minutes.  There are two outer clips that extend bag to full size or locks into 12 pack perfect size. Yes its just a few clips and its done.  It will fit behind my seat until I stop for ice and then I easily increase the size.  The versatility makes it so fabulous. On the outside of the cooler, there is an open smaller pocket and a full zippered pocket too.  Super durable, tons of space, padded straps and handles, and transports with secure support.  I love my new cooler. I was given a discount for an honest review.  I consider quality of material, workmanship, safety, and ease of use.  I appreciate any questions or comments. Thank you for reading my opinion.
Karen Nelson Karen Nelson  

Looking for a cooler bag? This one is lightweight and huge! We were able to fit two Tupperware boxes for fresh fruit/veggies, BLT wraps, and snacks easily. Http://
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

#waterproofcoolerbag is the beat and most versatile cooler I've ever owned. Get yours
Linda Baker Linda Baker  

This Leopard Outdoor Vinyl Fishing Cooler Bag Is Made Of A Heavy Duty Outer Shell That Is Comprised Of Waterproof PVC Tarpaulin And A High Density Closed Cell Foam. The Heat Welded Seams Prevent Liner Leaks, And The Exterior Zipper Is Waterproof As Well. It Has Two Pockets For Dry Items And An FDA Approved Liner. You Can Either Carry It As A Tote Bag Or Bend It Down And Clip The Side For A More Box Like Shape, The Tote Way Seems To Take Up Less Room, But The Box Way Seems More Manageable. This Is A Great Sized Cooler And It Runs Pretty Cold, It Kept Ice All Day Long While We Were Fishing And Our Drinks And Food Were Kept Perfectly. I Love The Shoulder Strap With The Hand Grips For Easier Carrying. The Color Blue Is Vivid And Very Easy To Spot! I Love This Bag And I'm Excited For All The Trips To Go On This Summer. I Received This Product At A Discounted Rate In Return For My Unbiased Opinion. Https://
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

#warterproofcoolerbag @leopard This Is The Most Versatile Cooler That I've Ever Owned. I Opened The Package That Arrived With Such Delight After I Had Seen How Thick The Outer Vinyl Was With Double Thick Insulation To Keep Drinks Ice Cold. I've Had Plenty Of Soft Coolers But None Have Reminded Me Of The Commercial Tear Proof Thick Covers Like This One. It Will Never Tear. In Addition, The Straps Are Supportive Under The Bag And A Shoulder Strap Supports Underneath Too. This Coolers Engineering Allows It To Convert Between A 12 Can To A 48 Can Capacity In A Manner Of Minutes. There Are Two Outer Clips That Extend Bag To Full Size Or Locks Into 12 Pack Perfect Size. Yes Its Just A Few Clips And Its Done. It Will Fit Behind My Seat Until I Stop For Ice And Then I Easily Increase The Size. The Versatility Makes It So Fabulous. On The Outside Of The Cooler, There Is An Open Smaller Pocket And A Full Zippered Pocket Too. Super Durable, Tons Of Space, Padded Straps And Handles, And Transports With Secure Support. I Love My New Cooler. I Was Given A Discount For An Honest Review. I Consider Quality Of Material, Workmanship, Safety, And Ease Of Use. I Appreciate Any Questions Or Comments. Thank You For Reading My Opinion.
Laura Cine Laura Cine  

Https:// This Is A Great Vinyl Cooler That Holds 24 Cans. I Received Free For Review.
Linda Baker Linda Baker @GiveawayService #leaderaccessories #waterproofcoolerbag
Laura Cine Laura Cine awesome cooler I got free for review
Karen Nelson Karen Nelson  

Looking for a cooler bag? This one is lightweight and huge! We were able to fit two Tupperware…
Karen Nelson Karen Nelson  

We Love Camping And Fishing During The Summer Months. I Received This Outdoor Vinyl Fishing Cooler To Keep Things Cool And Dry. This Bag Is Geared For Storing Pop, But We Are Not Big Pop Drinkers. We Took This Bag With Two Tupperware Containers For Fresh Fruit And Veggies, BLT Wraps For The Family, And Other Snacks Inside. It Was Perfect! We Plan To Try It Out On The Water With Us Tomorrow. Https://
Linda Baker Linda Baker  

This Leopard outdoor vinyl fishing cooler bag is made of a heavy duty outer shell that is comprised of waterproof PVC tarpaulin and a high density closed cell foam. The heat welded seams prevent liner leaks, and the exterior zipper is waterproof as well. It has two pockets for dry items and an FDA approved liner. You can either carry it as a tote bag or bend it down and clip the side for a more box like shape, the tote way seems to take up less room, but the box way seems more manageable. This is a great sized cooler and it runs pretty cold, it kept ice all day long while we were fishing and our drinks and food were kept perfectly. I love the shoulder strap with the hand grips for easier carrying. The color blue is vivid and very easy to spot! I love this bag and I'm excited for all the trips to go on this summer. I received this product at a discounted rate in return for my unbiased opinion. #leaderaccessories #waterproofcoolerbag