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LeFun™ Baby Monitor Wireless WiFi IP Surveillance Camera Promotion

You can monitor your baby by one or multiple devices at the same time, through the password identity feature.

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LeFun™ Baby Monitor Wireless WiFi IP Surveillance Camera

★ WiFi CONNECTION& MULTIPLE USES: You can use it as a baby monitor to view your baby's activity and safety.

★ FULLY FUNCTIONAL AT ALL TIMES: Provide you with the best image & video recording quality.

★ STAY IN TOUCH WITH TWO WAY AUDIO: Keep in touch with your baby anytime and anywhere.

★ EASY TO PLACE & USE/ PLUG & PLAY SYSTEM: Quick install and setup, just connected with your phone, tablet or computer device in minutes, using the View App ("MIPC").

★ SECURITY :Financial level Encryption Technology, make you connect to any devices, via a secure, safe network.

Jenn Savage Jenn Savage  

I’ve Always Loved The Idea Of Wifi Baby Monitors. It Makes Perfect Sense; You Already Have A Video Device If You Have A Smart Phone And All You Should Need Is A Simple Camera In The Kids’ Room. Well, This Device Does Work As That, But It Also Has Some Limitations. Here Is What I Expect A Video Baby Monitor To Do/have: Alert You When The Baby Is Making Noise Or Crying. Allow You To View The Baby Or Kid From A Screen Some Distance Away From The Kids’ Room. On #1 This Device Works Through An App That You Download To Your Phone. The App Is A Bit Clunky, But Works Just Fine. The Problem Is, It Alerts You To Noise Or Motion By Sending You Phone A Notification. I Must Say, In The Middle Of The Night When I Need To Be Alerted That My Baby Is Crying, A Crying Baby In My Ear Will Wake Me Up, But A Notification Ping From My Phone Won’t Cut It. There May Be Some Other Way To Make It So That The App Turns On And You Can Hear The Crying Baby When It Starts To Cry, But I Haven’t Figured That Out Yet. On #2 The Image Displayed From This Camera To My Phone Is Fantastic! It Is So Clear (in Both Daylight And Pitch Black Night), That I Can Zoom In On The Image And See Fine Detail. More So, You Can Rotate The Camera Angle Simply By Swiping The Screen Of Your Phone In Any Direction. Cool Feature! The Setup Was A Bit Of A Pain, And I Had To Contact Customer Support Since My Router Wasn't Initially Compatible. I Got It Eventually! So, The Camera Works Great, But Using It As The Sole Monitor In My Baby’s Room, I Won’t Be Doing. I Haven’t Had Any Issues With The Wifi Dropping The Signal Or Anything Of That Sort. I Recommend This Wifi Baby Monitor To Anyone Looking For A Way To Actively Look In On Their Kid, But Not To Someone Looking For A Traditional Wake-me-up-in-the-night Monitor.
Steven Weed Steven Weed  

LeFun Wireless Surveillance Camera To Leverage The WPS Setup Feature Please Make Sure You Have A Wifi Router With The WPS Function ,otherwise You Must Go For The Ethernet Cable Way For WiFi Connection Setup Instead. Main Features: IP/WiFi Network, Wireless Camera, Video Monitoring/Recording, Live...
Andy Hendrix Andy Hendrix  

LeFun® Baby Monitor Wireless WiFi IP Surveillance Camera HD 720P Nanny Cam Video Recording Play/Plug Pan Tilt Remote Motion Detect Alert With Two-Way Audio And Infrared Night Vision (Electronics) I Purchased This Before A Trip, So I Could Have Piece Of Mind, If Something Were To Happen While We Were Away. I Can Check In On Things Quietly, Pan The Camera Around The House. My Neighbors Liked It So Much, That 4 Of Them Have Bought One, Including The Outdoor Version. I Will Be Purchasing Another One For My Garage. I Received This Product On A Promotional Discount For My Honest Review And They Are 100% My Own Opinions. I Received No Compensation For This Review And I Am Not Required To Give A Good Review. I Am Also Not Associated With The Seller In Any Way. Https://
Thomas Barton Thomas Barton  

I Have Experience With Several Of These IP Cams And This Is One Of The Best I Have Used. It Came Packaged Nicely. Nothing Fancy But It Was Very Practical And Protective. The Phone App Is Well Made. I Did Use The Android Version Only So I Don't Know How It Will Be For IOS. I Have Used These Types Of Apps Before And You Can Clearly Tell That English Was Not The Developer's First Language But In The Case Of The LeFun App It Is Intuitive And Clear. The Instructions For Starting Are Easy To Follow And Allowed Me To Get Setup Quick And Easy. Updating The Camera Firmware Is Very Easy And Important. Make Sure You Do That. The Camera Is Very Clear And Focuses Well When Zooming At Different Distances. The Quality Is Fantastic And I Get A Crystal Clear, High-resolution Picture. In Low Light, The Device Is A Champ And Continues Operating Clearly With Crisp Black And White Picture. The Mic Picks Up Well But When You Speak Through It Remotely It Is Very Muffled. I Have Not Used The Motion Detection Feature So I Cannot Speak To The Quality Of That. I Did Have Issues With The Camera At First. I Updated The Firmware On The First Day. The Camera Would Disconnect From My Wifi Periodically And Never Reconnect Unless I Unplugged It And Plugged It Back In. I Tried Getting In Touch With Support But They Were A Bit Slow To Get Back To Me. However, When They Did Get Back To Me, They Were Quick, Courteous, And Knowledgeable. I Had To Update The Firmware Again As One Of The Previous Updates Conflicted With My Router. Since Then It Has Been Operating Optimally. Overall, I Would Buy This Camera Again. I Would Recommend It To Friends And Family Looking For These Features In A Camera At The Price Range. Check It Out Here: Https:// #securityCam #ipcam #lefun #productReview #productTesting
Laurel Paschal Laurel Paschal  

Sarah's Moving Around While She's Sleeping Now, Her Little Butt Scoots All Over The Crib
Pat Gower Pat Gower  

LeFun™ Baby Monitor Wireless WiFi IP Surveillance Camera I Had The Wonderful Opportunity To Review The Product. It Connected Perfectly With The Wireless Connection In The Home. The App Is Really Simple To Use, And The Image Quality Is Incredible. I Am Glad I Purchased A New Router Last Year. It Really Helps Stream The 720 HD Image Without A Problem. Fantastic Quality And Design.
Tammy Lule Tammy Lule  

Lefun Baby Monitor Hooks Up To Your Wi-Fi And Can Be Viewed On Multiple Devices. I Was Able To Successfully Set This Up Rather Quickly On My Mobile Smartphone With The QR Code Scan It Did A Little Bit Of Testing And It Instantly Worked For Me. I Love That When This Wi-Fi Camera Is Up And Going You Have Many Cool Features Like Motion Detecting, Two Way Audio, Built In Mic And Speaker And Many More. You Are Able To Move This Baby Moniter With A Swipe Of A Finger For A Better Angle To See Your Child. The Picture Quality Is Great Maybe To Great You Are Able To Even See The Dust Floating All Over My Home With The Night Vision Feature. I Am Also Able To Hear Clearly And Can Hear When My Baby Is Crying. I Am Able To Cook And Clean Comfortable Knowing I Am Able To Safely Keep An Eye On My Baby From Another Room. A Lot Of Other Devices Loose Signal But Not This Baby Monitor Alway A Great Strong Signal. There Is Even A Mount To Put This Monitor Up High. This Product Would Even Be Great To Use As A Security Camera As Well. My Phone Doesn't Have The Same Connection As My WiFi At Home So I Wasn't Able To See My Baby When I Am At Work. This Camera Is Very Useful In Many Ways And Also A Very Reliable Extra Help I Received This Product At A Discounted Price For My Honest Review. I Would Defiantly Recommend This Product To Others Great To Watch Your Baby Grow And Cherish Every Moment This Monitor Provides To Your Family.
Talia Smith Talia Smith  

This Awesome Baby Monitor Is Wireless And I Use My Phone As The Monitor, Technology Is So Amazing! Https://