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LeFun™ Baby Monitor Wireless WiFi IP Surveillance Camera Promotion

You can monitor your baby by one or multiple devices at the same time, through the password identity feature.

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LeFun™ Baby Monitor Wireless WiFi IP Surveillance Camera

★ WiFi CONNECTION& MULTIPLE USES: You can use it as a baby monitor to view your baby's activity and safety.

★ FULLY FUNCTIONAL AT ALL TIMES: Provide you with the best image & video recording quality.

★ STAY IN TOUCH WITH TWO WAY AUDIO: Keep in touch with your baby anytime and anywhere.

★ EASY TO PLACE & USE/ PLUG & PLAY SYSTEM: Quick install and setup, just connected with your phone, tablet or computer device in minutes, using the View App ("MIPC").

★ SECURITY :Financial level Encryption Technology, make you connect to any devices, via a secure, safe network.