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LED Strip Light Kit-fopow®Motion Sensor Active Bed Light Promotion

A warm soft glow of light, where you need it, when you need it, with no disturbing glare to wake others and no fumbling to find the light switch in the dark.

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LED Strip Light Kit-fopow®Motion Sensor Active Bed Light


1. BRIGHTNESS DIMMABLE - Brightness can be adjusted to ensure no glaring and easy getting up at night.
2. AUTO SHUT-ON/OFF - You can set the on-time of the light at 30 seconds or 10 minutes. Light shuts off automatically if no motion is detected.
3. FEELING SAFE AT NIGHT - As your foot touches the floor, the room is softly illuminated to guide you gently and safely through the room.
4. BRIGHTNESS DIMMABLE - Brightness can be adjusted to ensure no glaring and easy getting up at night.
5. THOUGHTFUL LIGHTING - A warm soft glow of light, where you need it, when you need it, with no disturbing glare to wake others and no fumbling to find the light switch in the dark.

What is included:
2 x Motion sensor (one white and one Pink)
2 x 1.4M LED Strip light(warm white or RGB)
1 x Power supply
6 x Cable clips
2 x LED Dimmer
1 x Splitter cable lead

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Krista Conway Krista Conway  

Im up & down a lot during the night this is great for me to see my way - Love Them!
Linda Limas Linda Limas #forpow Super night light for your safety at night in your bedroom. This automatically turns itself on and off when you get out of bed. Easy to install and even easier to use. Every home should have one in each bedroom. This is made by forpow and sold on Amazon follow the above link. If the link doesn't work then copy and paste. To try it is to love it.
Marina Rojas Marina Rojas  

This is a review for a product that you can find at:…
Tammy Lule Tammy Lule  

Forpow Motion Sensor LED Strip Light Kit Has A Warm Light That Has A 3 Dimmable Color Changing Remote. These Lights Are Bright And Movement Sensitive. I Love That The Setup Is So Easy And Straight Forward With No Tools Needed. When Your Foot Touches The Floor Lights Come On Immediately And Shut Off Automatically If No Motion Is Detected. This Kit Comes With 2 LED Strip Lights, 1 Power Supply That Plugs In Wall, 6 Cable Clips To Hold In Place 2 Dimmers And 1 Spitter Cable These Strip Lights Are Great For My Children To Use During The Night Hours. The Motion Sensor And LED Strips Have A Adhesive On The Back That Attach To Your Bed. I Received This Product At A Discounted Price For My Honest Review
Marina Rojas Marina Rojas  

This Is A Review For A Product That You Can Find At: Https:// This LED Strip Light Fopow Motion Sensor Bed Light Is A Great Response To Ordinary Wall Night Lights. This System Lights Up Your Whole Bed When You Step Out Of It At Night To Go To The Bathroom Or Get A Drink! How Cool Is That? I Actually Used The Strip Light And The Sensor To Set Mine Up In My Hallway So My Grandkids Can Walk Down The Long Hallway In The Night And Not Be Scared. Since This Is Based On Motion Detection, There Are A Lot Of Things That This Could Be Set Up For- And What A Fun Motion Activated Night Light! I Bought This Product With A Promotional Discount (or Was Given The Product For Free) In Exchange For My Honest And Unbiased Review. #fopowMotionSensorBedLight #fopowlightingproducts #LEDStripLightMotionSensor #giveawayservices #productreview #Amazonproductsreview
Linda Limas Linda Limas #forpow Very beautiful and effective night light for night time safety. Easy install.
Tammy Lule Tammy Lule  

Forpow LED strip lights set is complete set of everything you need to install motion sensor lights around your bed with no tools needed. The installation is very easy and straightforward. These strip lights have a strong adhesive sticky back that simply stick on your bed and this sticky back holds on firmly and does not fall off. There are also no hanging wires, as this set comes with sticky back hooks to securely hold and clip wires in place. These lights are very bright and this set has a remote connected to the LED strips that can fluctuate from bright to dim or vice versa. The motion detector works great! When I get off my bed it automatically comes on every time. These lights stay on for an additional 30 seconds if no movement its detected they automatically shut off. I installed these myself with no help needed besides instructions provided in kit. I installed this on my children's bunk bed so they are able to get up in the night hours easily and walk around. I love that these lights automatically go on so if my children are laying down and reading a book they can have a nice nightlight to do so. It's great that this has a plug for the wall and no batteries needed, with no batteries this product can be enjoyed for prolonged amount of time and will not go out unless unplugged or no motion. These lights give your bedroom a very elegant and modern look. This LED lighting kit comes very nicely packaged, with everything boxed up very neatly in place. I received this product at a discount for my honest review. I would definitely recommend this product to others
Linda Limas Linda Limas #forpow Super Night Light For Your Safety At Night In Your Bedroom. This Automatically Turns Itself On And Off When You Get Out Of Bed. Easy To Install And Even Easier To Use. Every Home Should Have One In Each Bedroom. This Is Made By Forpow And Sold On Amazon Follow The Above Link. If The Link Doesn't Work Then Copy And Paste. To Try It Is To Love It.
Krista Conway Krista Conway  

Awesome lights for under the bed! Love how you can dim them. No more stumbling around at night. #nightlight
Marina Rojas Marina Rojas  

This is a review for a product that you can find at: This LED Strip Light fopow Motion Sensor Bed Light is a great response to ordinary wall night lights.  This system lights up your whole bed when you step out of it at night to go to the bathroom or get a drink!  How cool is that? I actually used the strip light and the sensor to set mine up in my hallway so my grandkids can walk down the long hallway in the night and not be scared.  Since this is based on motion detection, there are a lot of things that this could be set up for- and what a fun motion activated night light! I bought this product with a promotional discount (or was given the product for free) in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. #fopowMotionSensorBedLight  #fopowlightingproducts  #LEDStripLightMotionSensor  #giveawayservices  #productreview  #Amazonproductsreview
Krista Conway Krista Conway  

Yesss!! Got These Awesome Under The Bed Lights For Review And We So Needed Them! I'm Up And Down All Night Lol. They Are So Cool, You Can Make Them Brighter Or Dim Them Pretty Low. Love Em.
Tammy Lule Tammy Lule  

Forpow LED strip lights are motion sensor light for elegant lighting of your bed, remote control dimmable got these at a discounted price