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LED Reflective Belt - High Visibility Gear For Running, Walking & Cycling Blue Promotion

Vehicles will see you well in advance - all the time

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LED Reflective Belt - High Visibility Gear For Running, Walking & Cycling Blue

THIS BRIGHT BELT IS A LIFESAVER - It gives you 360 degrees of visibility. It's 100 times safer than any other alternative because it reflects oncoming light AND illuminates. There is no way to overlook anyone wearing this. Vehicles will see you well in advance - ALL THE TIME

MULTI-PURPOSE - Be Seen when (dog)walking, running, hiking, cycling, horseback riding and motorcycling. Also perfect for child safety, roadside safety, construction, law enforcement and airport personnel. By the way, it can be worn by the whole family since it fits men, women AND children.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE & 3 MODES - Change the light between "FAST Flash" and "NORMAL FLASH" and "STEADYU" with just 1 click. Thanks to the easy-to-use clips the LED Belt is no hassle to put on. The straps are easy to adjust and elastic for a comfortable fit. You'll have complete freedom of movement with the versatile design: wear it at the waist, over the shoulder or click it around your backpack.

USB RECHARGEABLE BATTERY AND LIGHTWEIGHT - This LED Reflective Belt is rechargeable by USB cable included for free (no more purchases of battery cells!). It gives till 20 hours on flashing mode and 6 hours on glowing mode. The battery life holds more than 500 times charge-recharge.