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Led Medical Penlight With Pupil Gauge Promotion

Zitrades reliable penlight is used for nurse and use this light to assist with IVs, long battery life, really bright

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Led Medical Penlight With Pupil Gauge

1. Diagnostic Zitrades pocket clip activated nurse led healthcare penlight.

2. Click and it holds, extra bright sealed concentric beam.

3. Long-life and reusable, easy to use and affordable.

4. The pre-focused pinpoint lens directly illuminates eyes, ears and throat.

5. Included replaceable AAA batteries, Penlight sise: 13.5cm (5.3") Length x 1.3cm (0.51") diameter, LED color: warm white and pen color: red or silver.

What You Get:
1 x Zitrades led warm white penlight (Red)
1 x Zitrades led warm white penlight (Silver)
4 x AAA batteries