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Compact But Powerful - Led Headlamp Pathbrite! Promotion

PathBrite! Headlamp LED Flashlight - Waterproof, Super-Bright, Lightweight, Cool Design Headlight for Adult and Kids. Hands Free Comfortable for Your Hiking, Running, Biking, Camping, Fishing and Many More. Bonus Up to 90 Days Money Back Guarantee.

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Led Headlamp Pathbrite! - Compact But Powerful

- The PathBrite! is ONE OF THE BRIGHTEST HEADLAMPS ON AMAZON! With 168 lumens a LED headlamp can light up to 110m.

- Ergonomical Comfortable Design, 2 easy-use buttons to immediately choose Red or White light as you want

- 3 alkaline battery AAA INCLUDED, run up to 120 hours - enough for a week of outdoor use. SOS flashing mode can be seen over 1 km.

- Waterproof high rate IPX6: complete protection against water projected in powerful jet

- Adjustable headband comfortably fits on any head size, neither loose nor tight, never bobbing.