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LED Baby Night Light Ladybug Motion Sensing Lamp Promotion

3 light modes you can choose: It has 3 light modes always on, light-sensor, and sound sensor. So it will either stay on, or when light is indicated will turn off, or if sound is indicated will turn…

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LED Baby Night Light Ladybug Motion Sensing Lamp

3 light modes you can choose: It has 3 light modes always on, light-sensor, and sound sensor. So it will either stay on, or when light is indicated will turn off, or if sound is indicated will turn on.
3 time modes you can choose: It also has 3 time modes for staying on 60 second, 180 second, and off, You control the modes from the tenticals.It is easy to use after getting the plug out from body.
Ladybug shape design Night Light: This is a very cute and different night light and would be great for a baby room,You can open the wings or leave them closed for the brightness level you want. It has a nice soft white light with a yellow tint to it.
Don’t be terrified of the dark: It’s a little cute ladybug design night light for your kid's room(they wiil like it); for your bathroom(it will not heat your eye); hallway(convenient for your walking) and so on.
This beautiful lady bug does it purpose. It can blends in with the deco of your kid's room. Perfect size, it plugs in to the wall and it has several functions. The one that you absolutely love the most is the "voice" function. It will light up as soon as your child makes a noise or other thing and it will stays on for a couple of minutes. You may also leave it on all night or choose between 60 to 180 minutes on.

Veronica Garza Veronica Garza  

Check out my latest review - Ladybug night light:
Amy Kern Amy Kern  

I Did A Review In This Lady Bug Night Light. It's Actually Pretty Neat. It's Censored Thru Motion, Sound, Or Can Stay On. When It Cut Off. I Walked Into The Girls Room Made A Small Noise And Back On It Came. Which Is Good For Them. So If They Wake Up At Night. It Will Cut Back On. It Will Shut Off In Light. They Love It. The Prongs That Going Into The Wall Also Can Be Push Into A Spot On The Back So It Won't Get Broke. If Pulled Out. Cause Violet Also Enjoyed Making It Fly Like A Lady Bug. :-) #goldenwide Https://
Terra Cannady Terra Cannady  

LED Baby Night Light Ladybug Motion Sensing Lamp For Babyroom Corridor Lights Yellow I Got This Cool Little Night Light From Golden Wide Through The Giveaway Service Website . It Has The Option To Be Voice Activated Or Motion Activated To Turn On, Or You Can Just Turn It On Manually. Its Pretty Neat, And My Kids Seem To Like The Low Key Ambient Yellow Light It Gives Off. Its Not Fancy Or Even Expensive Looking, But It Has Served Its Purpose Beautifully So Far. :) Https://
Terra Cannady Terra Cannady  

I got this cool little night light from golden wide through the giveaway service website. My kids love it!
Veronica Garza Veronica Garza  

Love This Night Light! 22 November 2016 LED Ladybug Night Light The LED Ladybug Night Light Is Awesome! I Love Everything About It Except I Wish The Wings Would Open Automatically But Other Than That It’s Great. It Makes A Cute Addition To A Baby Room But I See No Reason Why It Can’t Be Placed In A Grown Ups Room. The Design Is Made Out Of Plastic And Comes In Small Box. When You Remove The LED Ladybug Night Light Out Of The Box Its Wings Are Closed And The Prongs To The Plug On The Back Are Folded In. There’s Also An Instruction Sheet. The LED Ladybug Night Light Has An Outside Cover Of Yellow Wings With White Polka Dots. The Inside Shell Is White And Round And The Back And Head Are Black. Each Top Front Side Contains A Switch, Which Are The Ladybug Antennas, With Which To Control When The Night Light Comes On, For How Long, And How. You Have 3 Light Modes To Choose From: Always On, Light Sensor, And Sound Sensor. In Addition It Has 3 Time Modes: 60 Seconds, 180 Seconds, And Off. Once You Pull Out The Prongs From The Back And Plug It In You’re Ready To Use The LED Ladybug Night Light. Select The Light And Time Mode Using The Antennas And Then Adjust The Wings For The Level Of Brightness You Desire. I Love Using Sound Sensor Mode Personally Because It’ll React To Your Voice Or A Clap. The Light It Emits Is Like A Soft Glow And Very Pleasing To The Eyes. I Really Enjoy Using It And It’s So Darn Cute! Overall I Think This Is A Good Buy And A Great Whimsical Addition To Any Room. I Would Caution You To Be Careful With The Wings Because They Seem A Bit Delicate So Take Care When Pulling The Ladybug Out Of The Box And Plugging It In. I’m Happy With My Purchase And Look Forward To Its Continued Use.