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Leather Work Gloves Promotion

Although they were designed to work for welders mostly, turning out to be truly handy for other professionals as well.

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Leather Work Gloves

ULTIMATE PROTECTION: perfect for welders who really need a way to protect their hands from burning, scratching and getting cut! The enhanced strong leather constituting the gloves will effectively protect your hands against any harmful factor - such as fire, since they are abrasion resistant, non slippery, thick & dense! Yet mesh enough to allow your hands to breathe.

STABILITY & COMFORT: Due to the refractory properties at high temperatures, they will protect you, when working with an open flame. Quite soft on the inside, really strong on the outside. They will not tear up, or get filled with holes, ending up burning your hands, as you can wear them with an open flame too! Perfect fitting and absolute heat resistance, allow you to work with ease.

UNIVERSAL USE: although they were designed to work for welders mostly, turning out to be truly handy for other professionals as well. Lumberjacks, chainsaw, and heavy machinery users, industry and construction workers, hunters, furniture moving carriers and craftsmen, iron workers and many others may use them anytime! Even sportsmen like climbers and racing drivers. Wear them on a BBQ Sunday too!

WEATHERPROOF - SCRATCH PROOF: Do your business without a single scratch. Not only as a worker, but also as a household caretaker or gardener. No more thorns piercing your skin, no more abrasion or injuries from wooden splinters entering your skin surface. They may stand hot or cold temperatures and keep your hands, always in proper temperature measures.

WE ARE OUR GUARANTEE: Our company is able to provide you only with the finest qualified products, created for the most demanding people out there! You are our No1 priority and we are bound by heart to offer you the protection you truly need! We give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee - once you get you will never let go!