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Leather Weight Lifting Gloves With Hand Callus Guards Promotion

Keep your hands soft and silky.

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Leather Weight Lifting Gloves With Hand Callus Guards

KEEP YOUR HANDS SOFT & SILKY Strategically placed callus guards make our weight lifting gloves extra protective, so you're much less likely to end up with a hand callus when you're lifting

STRENGTHEN YOUR GRIP Our anti-slip weight lifting gloves for women help you maintain a tighter grip when you're lifting heavy weights, allowing you to increase the difficulty of your workouts

EXTRA SUPPORT FOR YOUR WRIST Extra long wrist straps on our gym gloves wrap around your wrist to stabilize it through every rep

PERFECT FIT Our gym hand gloves come in four sizes, ensuring that there is a pair that will fit everyone comfortably

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY Made from genuine leather and reinforced with strong stitches, our gloves are the best weight lifting gloves on the market today and will last through years of workouts

Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

#handcallusguards Trashed Out My Spine Many Years Ago And Most Days Use A Cane To Walk. Occasionally I Have Bad Days That Require Me To Use My Crutches. On The Days I Have To Go Somewhere, I Must Walk Much More Than Just A Few Steps Like I Do At Home, I Usually Use My Crutches Too. . It Doesn't Take Long When Using A Cane Or Crutches To Destroy Your Hands. I Needed To Find A Pair Of Gloves To Protect My Palms, Offer Enough Wrist Support, And Have Enough Padding To Be Comfortable. These Weight Lifting Gloves Meet Every Requirement I Have. These Fingerless Gloves Allow Me To Have Enough Wrist Support So I Can Support My Weight Without My Wrists "breaking". I Use Canadian Crutches That Put Full Weight On Your Wrists. If My Wrist Bends, I'm Going To Fall. These Gloves Have An Extra Velcro Strap To Keep Extra Support To A Straight Wrist. It Won't Allow My Wrist To Easily Bend. In Addition, The Padding On The Palm Keeps Callouses From Building Up. The Sewing Is Done With Quality In Mind, Creating A Tough Glove That Can Be Used Often, Without Wear. I Usually Burn Through Gloves Quickly, But These Are Lasting. The Leather Is Thick And Offers Fabulous Protection. It Is Attached To An Elastic Material On The Back Of The Glove Between The Fingers, And On The Thumb, That Breathes Nicely And Stretches Too. My Hands Are Padded, Protected, And Can Breathe In These Gloves. I Was Given A Discount In Exchange For An Honest Review. I Consider Quality Of Materials, Workmanship, Safety, And Ease If Use. I Appreciate All Questions And Comments. Thank You For Reading My Opinion.   
Emmy Hernandez Emmy Hernandez  

These gloves are designed to improve your grip, slow the development of calluses, and prevent a series of injuries that you would otherwise be exposed to. Furthermore, they provide you with improved wrist support, allowing you to increase the time of your lifting sessions while helping you maintain proper form. These are very nice gloves and you won't be disappointed!
Brandy Alford Brandy Alford  

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Tammy White Tammy White  

These are great comfortable leather workout gloves. Very well made and good for boxing gym or lifting weights! I recommend these!
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

#handcallusguards  trashed out my spine many years ago and most days use a cane to walk. Occasionally I have bad days that require me to use my crutches. On the days I have to go somewhere, I must walk much more than just a few steps like I do at home, I usually use my crutches too. . It doesn't take long when using a cane or crutches to destroy your hands. I needed to find a pair of gloves to protect my palms, offer enough wrist support, and have enough padding to be comfortable. These weight lifting gloves meet every requirement I have. These fingerless gloves allow me to have enough wrist support so I can support my weight without my wrists "breaking". I use Canadian crutches that put full weight on your wrists. If my wrist bends, I'm going to fall. These gloves have an extra Velcro strap to keep extra support to a straight wrist. It won't allow my wrist to easily bend. In addition, the padding on the palm keeps callouses from building up. The sewing is done with quality in mind, creating a tough glove that can be used often, without wear. I usually burn through gloves quickly, but these are lasting. The leather is thick and offers fabulous protection. It is attached to an elastic material on the back of the glove between the fingers, and on the thumb, that breathes nicely and stretches too. My hands are padded, protected, and can breathe in these gloves. I was given a discount in exchange for an honest review. I consider quality of materials, workmanship, safety, and ease if use. I appreciate all questions and comments. Thank you for reading my opinion.   
Tammy White Tammy White  

You Work Out Hard To Get Definition And Tone In Your Arms In Order To Look Your Best, So The Last Thing That You Want Is To End Up With Unsightly Calluses On Your Hands To Show For Your Efforts. Unfortunately, Repeatedly Gripping Barbells, Dumbbells And The Handles On Workout Machines Can Lead To...
Brandy Alford Brandy Alford  

Philipp Gergen Philipp Gergen