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Leather Passport Cover - Holder Promotion

100% genuine leather. Be sure that you passport's appearance is secure with the Shvigel Passport Holder.

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Leather Passport Holder

100% leather. We use only durable, high-quality and pleasant to touch leather in manufacturing - it is a guarantee that our Shvigel Passport Holder is going to serve you for many years and become an indispensable stylish accessory;

DIMENSIONS: 3.7 X 0.2 X 5.2 INCHES. Passport Holder does not take much more room than your passport. Yet with the Passport Holder you may put in a purse or a pocket and know that it is safe;

The United States Great Seal embossing. Due to its classic design the Passport Holder is good for everyone;

Passport is an important document for many years that is why it is good when it keeps a neat appearance. With this Passport Holder you may carry it in a purse or a pocket, knowing that its appearance is secure. Our personalized Passport Holder is suitable for any trip, and you do not need to buy a special travel wallet.