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Leather Money Clip Promotion

Аre you tired of your bulky wallet? Then our Money Clip is an excellent solution for you.

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Leather Money Clip

100% leather. As all our products are made of durable genuine leather, they serve for many years and keep a decent appearance for a long time;

DIMENSIONS: 4.3 X 0.3 X 3 INCHES. This Shvigel Money Clip is a perfect replacement of an old bulky wallet. It stays closed with a button snap. Besides the Money Clip Spring, there are three compartments for your cards and IDs: two inside and one on the backside;

The Money Clip is multipurpose. If you need you may pull out the spring clip and use it as a Wallet or a Credit Card Holder;

If you are tired of bulky wallets but want to keep everything in one place - this Money Clip is what you need. Besides the classical clip spring, there are three slots for your cards and IDs: two inside and one on the backside. The Money Clip stays closed with a button snap, so it always has a neat look, even if you fill it to the maximum.