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Leapair Curtain Lights 600LED 19.69 X 9.8Ft (6MX3M) 8 Modes Pure White Promotion

Easy installation and use.

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Leapair Curtain Lights 600LED 19.69 X 9.8Ft (6MX3M) 8 Modes Pure White

Color:Pure White
We provide 12 Months warranty, any question please contact us

Product Description
1. Energy Efficient
2. Easy Installation and Use
3. High Brightness
4. Long Lifespan
5. Excellent Indoor / Outdoor Decoration Effect
6. Ideal for Wedding backgrounds, hotels, restaurants, commercial buildings, home, windows, clubs, concerts, karaoke, fashion shows, dance hall and so on.

1. Voltage: AC 110V
2. Size: 19.69ft(W) x 9.8ft(H)
3. LED Quantity: 600 LEDs (25LED per string)
4. String Quantity: 24
5. Color:Pure White
6. Interval btw strings: 11.8in
7. Material: PP&TPR&CR-V steel
8. Hardness: H.R.C.50-52
9. Cable color: Transparent white.
10. Plug wire to the controller: 0.5m(1.64Ft)
11. Controller to the first drop: 2.5m(8.2Ft)
12. CE&ROHS&ULL58 Certificate Approved
13. 8 Lights Flashing Modes With Control Box:(With Memory function)
In Waves
Slow Fade
Steady On

Package Includes:
1 x One Set of Curtain Light

Jennifer Carroll Jennifer Carroll  

Leapair Curtain Lights Makes For Great Decoration! I Am Really Enjoying My Curtain Lights! These Lights Are 19.69fx X 9.8ft. It Was Bigger Than I Had Expected. I Decided To Hang Up My Curtain Lights In My Living Room Behind My Curtains. I Have Thin Curtains So I Thought It Would Be Perfect To Add A Nice Sparkle To My Living Room. The Lights Were Neatly Packaged In The Box And Was Tied To Where None Of The String Of Lights Got Tangled. When I Plugged Up The Lights, All Seemed To Be Working. Now, This Is What I Really Liked. There Are Eight Setting Modes: Combination, Waves, Sequential, Slogs, Chasing/flash, Slow Fade, Twinkle/flash And Steady On. I Prefer Tinkle/flash. I Think It Is Very Soothing And Relaxing. It Also Really Lights Up The Room. I Was Pleasantly Surprised As To How Bright The Lights Were! The Lights Do Have 600LED. So As You Can Imagine, There Are Multiple Uses For The Curtain Lights. You Can Use Them For Outside Decoration For Christmas Time As It States It Is Water And Cold Resistance. When You Read On Amazon, It Says The LED Curtain Is Constructed To Ensure Water Resistance And The LED Lights Are Filled With Antifreeze For Protection Against Low Temperature. So It Would Be Perfect For Christmas Decor. Now, I Am Not Sure If I Am Going To Take Mine Down And Use Them Outside, But I Might This Year! Check It Out! Https://
Rich Klingler Rich Klingler  

So I Bought Some Lights And Here Is What I Think FIRST IMPRESSION - Looks Like A Great Set Of Lights Based On The Description In The Ad - They Come In A Plain Box SET UP - OMG - The Light Strings Are So Hard To Take Apart To Set Up - - I Mean, You Have No Idea. You Need To Spend Some Serious Time Setting These Up Because Each String Is In It's Own Band But They Are Tangled Bad - After They Are All Set Up, You Will See That The Strings Seem Longer - - The Strings Keep Unwinding And They Will End Up Piling On The Ground So You Have To Put The String Set Up About Twelve Feet From The Ground - - - I Will Now Have To Use A Drill To Wind Each String Back Up To Desired Length And Silicne Glue Each String And Then Since They Are Very Delicate, I Will Use Them Indoors USE - They Do Look Pretty Cool - The Power Control Unit Has A Knob With 8 Functions 1) Combination 2) In Waves 3) Sequential 4) Slo-glo 5) Chasing / Flash 6) Slow Fade 7)Twinkle / Flash 8) Steady On Make Sure You Wind Each One Up And Secure Each String Or You Will End Up Throwing Them Out Next Time You Want The Use Them DRAWBACKS - I Am Not At All Happy That The Seller Kept Bugging Me To Write A Review. I Write My Reviews After I Have Had Time To Use The Item And Have Something To Write About.