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Leapair 10W Dimmable R7S J78 LED Flood Light Replacement Promotion

Dimmable. LED Quantity: 24 LEDs. 10W Warm White.

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Leapair 10W Dimmable R7S J78 LED Flood Light Replacement

Style: 10W Warm White

Output power: 10W
Base Type: R7S
LED Chips: Epsitar chip
Light source: 5730 SMD LED
LED Quantity: 24 LEDs
Emitting color: Warm White
Color temperature: Warm White (2700-3200K) Input voltage: AC 85-265V
Dimmable: Yes
Beam angle: 200 degrees
Body temperature:

Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

#leapair. New halogen bulbs are the new improved bulbs our mother earth loves
Jeremy Cox Jeremy Cox  

Jeremy Cox Jeremy Cox  

Replacing halogen for led #Leapair
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

@leapair #leapair I Was Kind Of Shocked When The New Design Of Halogen Was Shown To Me. I Am So Use To The Tubes That My Lights Have Used. I Switched To Halogen Years Ago, But Obviously Have Been Living Under A Rock For Some Time. These Bulbs Remind Me Of The Ballast Lights. There Is A Metal Housing With Diffusion Slats On One Side With Illumination Ports On The Other. There Is Also A Vent Hole, Assuming This Helps Keep Cool, By Design. The Heat Put Off Is Nominal Compared To Every The Long Tube Type Bulbs. The Fit Into My Lamp Barely Clears In The Back, But What Do You Expect With A Completely Different Style Of Bulb. The Size Is Much Different, But With A Little Work, Fits Snugly. The Light Emitted Is Comparable To Any Other Halogen Bulb So The Switch Will Not Reduce Your Light. I'm A Person That Missed The Old Bulbs Because The New Technology Just Couldn't Compare, Until Now. The Elimination Of Heat , Light Output Is Similar, And The Power Consumption Is Less. Let's Not Also Forget With A Metal Housing, Bulb Is So Much Stronger Than The Other Tube Bulbs. Mother Earth Is Happy And Smiling With The Decreased Power Consumption. I Was Given A Discount For An Honest Review. I Consider Quality Material, Quality Manufacturing, And Ease Of Use. I Appreciate You Taking The Time To Read My Opinion. I Incite Any Questions Or Comments You May Have.
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

@leapair #leapair I was kind of shocked when the new design of halogen was shown to me.  I am so use to the tubes that my lights have used.  I switched to halogen years ago, but obviously have been living under a rock for some time.  These bulbs remind me of the ballast lights.  There is a metal housing with diffusion slats on one side with illumination ports on the other.  There is also a vent hole,  assuming this helps keep cool, by design.  The heat put off is nominal compared to every the long tube type bulbs.  The fit into my lamp barely clears in the back, but what do you expect with a completely different style of bulb. The size is much different, but with a little work, fits snugly.  The light emitted is comparable to any other halogen bulb so the switch will not reduce your light.  I'm a person that missed the old bulbs because the new technology just couldn't compare, until now.  The elimination of heat , light output is similar, and the power consumption is less.  Let's not also forget with a metal housing, bulb is so much stronger than the other tube bulbs. Mother earth is happy and smiling with the decreased power consumption. I was given a discount for an honest review. I consider quality material, quality manufacturing, and ease of use. I appreciate you taking the time to read my opinion. I incite any questions or comments you may have.
Jeremy Cox Jeremy Cox