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Leader Accessories White Kayak Paddle Promotion

Durable lightweight introductory kayak paddle. 2 piece take-apart construction.

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Leader Accessories White Kayak Paddle

1. The paddle total length is 87'' (220 cm)

2. Blade length* width: 18.5'' * 7.5''

3. Durable lightweight introductory kayak paddle

4. 2 piece take-apart construction

5. Can be feathered 60 degree for right or left hand control

6. Enforced push-button connection

7. Three locking positions

8. Engineered curved paddle blade

Joshua Ensley Joshua Ensley  

Picked Myself Up Two New Kayak Paddles Up From Leader Accessories The Other Day. Kayaks To Come Soon Now! Not Gonna Go Another Summer Without Spending Most Of My Days In The Sun And On The Water! I Miss It. Should Of Never Sold My Old Ones. #kayaking #kayak #kayakpaddle #outdoors #summer
Tori Cross Tori Cross  

1. The Paddle Total Length Is 87'' 2. Blade Length* Width: 18.5'' * 7.5'' 3. Durable Lightweight Introductory Kayak Paddle 4. 2 Piece Take-apart Construction 5. Can Be Feathered 60 Degree For Right Or Left Hand Control 6. Dual-button Release And Three Locking Positions
Linda Baker Linda Baker  

This New Marine Aluminum Kayak Paddle Is 87 Inches Long And Each Blade Is 18.5X7.5 Inches. This Is The Perfect Size For Someone Of My Height, If You Are Anywhere Between 5 Ft And 5.10, Than You Need A Paddle 220cm-230 Cm, As You Get Taller You Need A Longer Paddle. The Paddle Size Really Depends On Your Torso Length, Boat Beam Widths, And Paddling Style, So Make Sure You Are Buying The Right Paddle For Your Needs. This Paddle Is A Two Piece Take Apart Construction With A Button Release In The Middle It Has 3 Different Locking Positions For Your Paddling Style And An Engineered Curved Paddle Blade For Better Slicing Of The Water. I Received This Product At A Discounted Rate In Return For My Unbiased Opinion.
Tori Cross Tori Cross  

Great addition to my #kayakingadventures is my new #kayakpaddle by, #Leader Best parts, it's lightweight, and comes in two pieces with take-apart construction. #lovingit #outdoorsman #outdoors #Adventure #Florida #springs #springtimefun #Spring
Linda Baker Linda Baker  

This New Marine Aluminum Kayak Paddle is 87 inches long and each blade is 18.5X7.5 inches. This is the perfect size for someone of my height, if you are anywhere between 5 ft and 5.10, than you need a paddle 220cm-230 cm, as you get taller you need a longer paddle. The paddle size really depends on your torso length, boat beam widths, and paddling style, so make sure you are buying the right paddle for your needs. this paddle is a two piece take apart construction with a button release in the middle It has 3 different locking positions for your paddling style and an engineered curved paddle blade for better slicing of the water. I received this product at a discounted rate in return for my unbiased opinion. #leaderaccessorieskayakpaddle
Linda Baker Linda Baker @GiveawayService #leaderaccessorieskayakpaddle
Joshua Ensley Joshua Ensley  

Picked myself up two new kayak paddles up from Leader Accessories the other day. Summertime! #kayakpaddle #kayak
Tori Cross Tori Cross  

Am loving my new lightweight paddle, by #Leader #Kayaking #Kayak
Joshua Ensley Joshua Ensley  

Picked myself up two new kayak paddles up from Leader Accessories the other day. Kayaks to come soon now! Not gonna go another summer without spending most of my days in the sun and on the water! I miss it. Should of never sold my old ones. #kayaking #kayak #kayakpaddle #outdoors #summer