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Leader Accessories Heavy Duty 4 Pcs Seasonal Tire Cover Promotion

Waterproof, non-scratch backing.

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Leader Accessories Heavy Duty 4 Pcs Seasonal Tire Cover

1. Universal fits for 25" and 29"
2. Ideal for Seasonal use for the Summer or Winter times
3. Easy installation with elastic hems
4. Made of PU Leather
5. 4 pcs/set, with location signs.
6. Waterproof, non-scratch backing
7. Made of PU Leather

Quang Pham Quang Pham  

Emmy Hernandez Emmy Hernandez  

Excellent Wheel Covers With Very High Quality Material!! And, These Couldn't Have Came At A Better Time.. These Covers Are Made Of A Very Durable Canvas/PU Leather With Elastic Hems So They Are Very Easy To Take On And Off, Plus They're Waterproof!! Simple, Effective, Waterproof, Non-scratch Backing. Definitely Recommended! If You're Looking For Some High Quality Wheel Covers Checkout Leader Accessories - Heavy Duty 4 Pcs Seasonal Tire Covers!
April Long April Long  

1.Universal Fits For 28
Tiffany Phillips Tiffany Phillips  

Got A Set Of Tire Protectors "Leader Accessories Universal Fit Heavy Duty 4 Pcs/set Seasonal Tire Cover" On Amazon. They Fit Perfectly, And Are Made Of Heavy Duty Materials. They Are Also Waterproof, So It Makes Storing My Husbands Tires So Much Easier. It's Very Easy To Put On. I Had No Trouble At All. It Has A Handle To Make It Easier To Carry. There Is A Strap, And Two Draw Strings That Hold It In The Cover. So When Winter Comes Around, I'll Be Able To Store The Summer Tires So I Can Replace Them With The Winter Tires. It Was A Great Buy!
Elle Rose Elle Rose  

If You Follow My Instagram, You Know I'm A Car Lover. Well, Recently I Got A Nail In A Rear Tire :-( But Now I Have A Great Product To Share! BMW Servicing Said I Only Needed To Change That One Tire Because The Other One Still Had 1/2 The Life Of Its Thread But I Decided To Change Both And Keep The Usable Rear As A Spare. This Wheel Cover Was Perfect Because It Shows An Image Of Which Car Side Tire Is In The Bag! Such A Small Thing That Means So Much When You Have More Than One Tire. These Covers Made It Easy To Decipher Between The Usable And Flat Without Marking Up The Wheels. I Got The 24" To 25" Inch Diameter As It Was The One That Fits My BMW 135i OEM Wheels. To Be Exact, The Tire Cover And Tire Pictured Are 245/35R-18 BRIDGESTONE POTENZA RE050A RFT STAR RSC RUN FLATS. The Stitching Of The Wheel Covers Is Also Done Well And The Material Feels Strong And Weatherproof. The Handle Makes The Tire Easier To Carry And It Was Very Easier To Get My Tires Into The Bags. To Prevent Dirtying The Covers, I Used A Black Garbage Bag Before Using The Cover And Still Had Room To Tighten The Drawstring Pull. My Bff Who Was A Service Writer For Audi And Porsche Was Also Impressed With The Quality Of These Covers. I Am Beyond Impressed. The Covers Appear Designed And Manufactured With Care So I Have Already Suggested Them To Friends And Family. I Received This Product On A Promotional Discount For My Honest Review. I Received No Compensation For This Review. My Reviews Are Done In Compliance With FTC Regulations And Amazon's TOS. I Never Guarantee A Favorable Review. I Depend On Reviews So I Aim To Help Others By Providing My Experiences And Responding To Questions.
Karen Nelson Karen Nelson  

I Have Two Sets Of Tires For My Vehicle, A Cheaper Pair For Summer Travel And A More Heavy Duty Set For Winter With Having Front Wheel Drive. These Covers Are Great To Store The Unused Tires. Each Cover Has A Handle For Easy Transport And A Pinch Toggle To Adjust And Tighten Once It Is On The Tire. An Image Is On Each Cover To Let You Know Which Tire Is Enclosed In It. I Love That. Https:// I Received This Product At A Discounted Price In Exchange For An Honest Review.
Sean-Loan Hornick Sean-Loan Hornick  

Got 4 Free Seasonal Tire Covers - Giving My Respects To The Company Who Gave Me These - Ty Much
Cristin Ashe Cristin Ashe  

Find Helpful Customer Reviews And Review Ratings For Leader Accessories Universal Fit Heavy Duty 4 Pcs/set Seasonal Tire Cover (24''-- 25'' Dia, Seasonal Tire Cover) At Read Honest And Unbiased Product Reviews From Our Users.
Diana Hickey Diana Hickey  

Leader Accessories 20″-22″ Spare Tire Cover For Jeep, Trailer, RV, SUV, Truck Wheel Fits Entire Wheel 20″-22″, Black Soft Vinyl By Leader Accessories These Tire Covers Are M…
Lori Resnick Lori Resnick  

I Ordered These Tire Covers To Protect My Tires On My Camper For The Winter. I Was Not Sure How They Would Work And If I Could Get Them To Stay On The Tires Without Actually Moving The Camper. To My Surprise They Stay On Really Well And Are Secure! They Are Really Well Made And Super Strong Material Wise As Well. Disclosure: I Bought This Product With A Promotional Discount (or Was Given The Product For Free) In Exchange For My Honest And Unbiased Review. And, Hey, I Look At Reviews Before I Buy Something Too, To Make Sure It’s A Product That Would Serve My Family In Some Positive Way. I Love To Share My Insight And Opinion About The Things I Buy And I Do So With Benjamin Franklin’s Quote Always In Mind: Honesty Is The Best Policy.
Jennifer Carroll Jennifer Carroll  

Getting Ready For The Winter Months? Do You Have A Car That Is Just Sitting And Needs To Be Protected? Check Out These Very Affordable Tire Covers! We Are Loving Ours! Https://
Tori Cross Tori Cross  

1.Universal Fits For 28
Vanessa Richardson Vanessa Richardson  

So I Was Lucky Enough To Get To Review These Seasonal Tire Covers From A Company Called Leader Accessories. Here's What I Think About Them! I Have 5 Cars, 4 Of Which Are Rear-wheel Drive, So I Have Winter Tires That I Put On To Better Navigate In Cold Weather. I Have 3 Extra Sets Of Wheels That Sit In My Garage At Any Given Time So I Decided To Get Some Covers For Better Storing Them. I've Only Just Put These Covers On My Track Wheels And Tires. The Fabric Isn't Really That Thick Like A Tire Warmer But It Serves The Purpose Of Keeping My Car Clean When I Load My Wheels/tires To The Track And For Keeping Them Out Of Sun/damage When Stored There Is A Photo Of A Car With Wheels On The Covers So You Can Identify Which Tire Goes Where When You Go To Put Them Back On Your Car. I Normally Just Mark My Tires Themselves But This Can Be Useful If You Don't Want To Unwrap Each One To Find The FrontRight Tire. Putting Them On Is Very Easy. One Large Strap, Then Two Inner Drawstrings. I'm Using This On My 25" In Diameter Tires Which Is The Minimum It Seems Like For This Large Size. They Are 4 X 275/35/18s. There Is What Appears To Be A Handle That You Could Use To Lift Up The Wheel/tire But I Wouldn't Recommend It, Seems Like You Would Break It. The Fabric Is On The Thinner Side, Think Windbreaker. All In All, I Really Like These Covers. There's Many Reasons Why A Person Could Want Or Need These, Whether It's For Storing Tires Or Transporting Them. They Also Help Keep My Wheels Clean Too Since They're Covered. This Is One Of Those Things That I Didn't Know I Needed Until I Had It And Now I Don't Know Why I Don't Have Multiple Sets! I Was Fortunate Enough To Get This At A Discount In Return For My Review But Everything I've Said Is My Own Honest And Unbiased Opinion. You Should Check Them Out! Http:// Product Link: Https://
Connie De Connie De  

1.Universal Fits For 25
Donna Williams Donna Williams  

Keep Your Tires Covered And Protected. Https://
Robert Dolan Robert Dolan  

This Tire Covers Are REALLY Nice And Are Made Very Well! The Material Is Strong Enough To Not Rip Or Tear While Putting Them On. They Are Made Of A Black Material That Stretches To Fit. Just Make Sure To Buy The Correct Size Tire Covers To Match The Size Of Your Tires/wheels. Overall, I Had No Complaints At All With These Tire Covers. I Hope This Review Is Helpful To Anyone Contemplating This Purchase. I Received This Product At A Discount Or As A Free Sample In Exchange For My Honest & Unbiased Review.
Brad Buckles Brad Buckles  

Leader Accessories Heavy Duty 4 Pcs Seasonal Tire Covers These Tire Covers Work Great For My Spare Set Of Wheels/tires. I Have A Set Of Wheels/tires I Use On My One Vehicle Most Of The Year, And A Second Set For Winter. This Means I Have A Stack Of Wheels/tires In The Corner Of My Garage At Any Given Time. These Covers Keep Them Nice And Dust Free. I Have Only Used These Indoors, So I Can't Say How Well They Stand Up To Weather, But They Work Great For Indoors If You Just Want To Keep The Wheels/tires Clean Between Seasons. The Covers Are Made With What Looks To Be A Pretty Strong Material, And Looks As Though It's Well Made. I Also Like That It Has Handles Which Makes It Easier To Move. Even With The Added Weight Of The Wheels, The Handles Hold Up Quite Nicely. I Received This Item For Free In Exchange For An Honest Review. Https://
Bygone Binds Bygone Binds  

1.Universal Fits For 25