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Larosa First Aid Medical Tourniquet - Multiple Gen Tourniquet With. Promotion

The larosa premium medical tourniquet Color: Black Multiple Gen a Life Saving Friend to Explore the World... A new adventure is always fantastic for those who love exploring the World. From training…

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Larosa First Aid Medical Tourniquet - Multiple Gen Tourniquet With Chr...

THE LAROSA PREMIUM MEDICAL TOURNIQUET Color: Black Multiple Gen A Life Saving Friend To Explore The World... A new adventure is always fantastic for those who love exploring The World. From training, hiking, hunting, workplace, military wherever you are, being safe is essential. Tourniquets are a fast and effective tool to stop major extremity bleeding when used properly and it’s saved countless lives. The tourniquet strap comes completely apart to place around a limb, but it’s a closed-loop system that has only a limited three-inch uptake. This means users must tightly secure the tourniquet strap to the limb prior to engaging the plastic windlass. For proper application the tourniquet strap must be through the plastic buckle differently depending on whether it’s being used on an upper or lower extremity. The strap is secured on itself with Velcro, and there is one locking point for the windlass on this device. Free Gift COMBO with STYLISH Bandana and TOURNIQUET HOLDER! For any reason, you are not satified with our product, please give us an opportunity to hearing back from you. We are more than happy to response your review or feedback, and resolve your arising issue within less than 24 hours or even just 2 or 3 hours later. LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Being A Part Of Our Family By Clicking The ADD TO CARD Button Right Now And Get Your Larosa Medical Tourniquet!

Christopher Brinkley Christopher Brinkley  

When I First Received This I Was Happy To See It Was Compact And Wouldnt Take Up A Lot Of Room On My Gun Belt Or In My Gear Bag. The Pouch It Comes Seems Durable And Easy To Use. The Tourniquet Itself Is Nice And Easy To Use (had To Try It On My Wife, Without Tightening Too Much). The Velcro Is Very Strong And I Dont See Blood Or Any Other Elements Stopping It From Sticking When You Really Need It. Overall I Am Happy With This Purchase And Excited To Give My Unbiased Review
Roy Carbonell Roy Carbonell  

Very Nice Led Gloves
Ashley Casey Ashley Casey  

Https:// I Bought This To Keep In My Survival Bag. The Bandana That Is Included Is Neat Showing The Ways You Can Use The Tourniquet. Perfect For First Aid Kits And Survival Packs.