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KWISTO Best Ultra-Fast Instant Read Digital Meat And Food Thermometer Promotion

Cooking is made easy with KWISTO Ultra-Fast Instant Read Digital Meat And Food Thermometer

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KWISTO Best Ultra-Fast Instant Read Digital Meat And Food Thermometer

Cooking is made easy With KWISTO Ultra-Fast Instant Read Digital Cooking

Now is the time to forget Burnt and Undercooked Food - Go and Achieve Your Best Doneness Every Time You are cooking Your Best Meals In as little as 4 seconds you are now able to get a fast and accurate internal temperature measurement for whatever you are cooking: from liquids such as oil, milk and water to candy, pizza, steaks, chicken, turkey and even a whole animal.

No more guess work and spoilt dishes. Take your cooking destiny in hands Knowing what exact temperature you need is sometimes difficult. Hence why we printed at the back of the thermometer packaging you'll find a quick reference food temperature guide that you can stick to the wall of your house, kitchen or barbecue.

The thin 4.4 inch long stainless steel folding probe with tapered end allows you to easily gauge the internal heat intensity of your cooked food without leaving a messy hole. The probe folds away when not in use making the wireless unit a small and convenient size for your pocket or kitchen drawer.

Simple to use - Simple to clean. Simply pull out the probe, introduce it into your food or liquid and wait a few seconds for the temperature reading to stabilize. Once you have completed the reading, simply push the probe back in order to activate the auto off feature. These sensors are splash proof, not waterproof though, so clean by wiping the probe with a wet cloth.

Available in stylish red and beautifully presented in an elegant blister packaging it makes the perfect gift for any men or women who love to cook.