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KOSOX Set Of Carrying Case & Accessories Case For Amazon Tap (Set, Black) Promotion

Aluminum button closure adds stability, easy to install and secure.

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KOSOX Set Of Carrying Case & Accessories Case For Amazon Tap (Set, Black)

Why do you need this set of case?

Are you Still troubling about finding a layer of protection for your expensive Amazon Tap or where to store the Tap’s charger, base and cable?
KOSOX 2016 new released customized Set of Carrying Case & Accessories Case offers you the best solution. Have you been fed up with single black color? Go to make your Amazon Tap enjoy colorful shades!

--- Exquisite processing crafting Strengthen its abrasive, cold and ageing resistant performance.
--- Four Carabiners with sewing tech of the cover further improve the protection level to the Tap.
--- Aluminum button closure adds stability, easy to install and secure. Convenient removable Holding Strap design, offers an ideal way to carry the speaker wherever you go.
--- KOSOX set of case, adds dynamic and personality to your Amazon Tap and strengthen its fashion sense.

Jason Morris Jason Morris  

I just reviewed a case set for the Amazon Tap from KOSOX. #KOSOX #WednesdayWisdom
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

#kosox I love my tap. I bring it everywhere with me, burger had to use a generic case that doesn't fit very well, until now. My new tap case is made specifically for it. The fit is exact for that reason. The base has a snap on Rutherford to add extra reassurance and protection when I'm not using it. When I am using it, I simply pull down the three snaps and it opens up the full sound that's intended. The top mesh also has two snaps to secure my tap free from harm. There is a wrist strap and quickly carabiner to let me carry in anyway I want. Attach it to the straps of my pack and have my music everywhere I go, hands free. The case doesn't interfere with the sound and creates a safe portable carrier. The leather is soft and very pliable. Feels good in your hands. In addition is a case with a magnetic snap. It too is made from the soft leather. Fabulous case that is quality made.both pieces create a fabulous set. Love it. I was given a discount in exchange for an honest review. I consider quality of materials, workmanship, safety, and ease of use. I appreciate all questions and comments. Thank you for reading my opinion.     
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

#kosox I Love My Tap. I Bring It Everywhere With Me, Burger Had To Use A Generic Case That Doesn't Fit Very Well, Until Now. My New Tap Case Is Made Specifically For It. The Fit Is Exact For That Reason. The Base Has A Snap On Rutherford To Add Extra Reassurance And Protection When I'm Not Using It. When I Am Using It, I Simply Pull Down The Three Snaps And It Opens Up The Full Sound That's Intended. The Top Mesh Also Has Two Snaps To Secure My Tap Free From Harm. There Is A Wrist Strap And Quickly Carabiner To Let Me Carry In Anyway I Want. Attach It To The Straps Of My Pack And Have My Music Everywhere I Go, Hands Free. The Case Doesn't Interfere With The Sound And Creates A Safe Portable Carrier. The Leather Is Soft And Very Pliable. Feels Good In Your Hands. In Addition Is A Case With A Magnetic Snap. It Too Is Made From The Soft Leather. Fabulous Case That Is Quality Made.both Pieces Create A Fabulous Set. Love It. I Was Given A Discount In Exchange For An Honest Review. I Consider Quality Of Materials, Workmanship, Safety, And Ease Of Use. I Appreciate All Questions And Comments. Thank You For Reading My Opinion.     
Jason Morris Jason Morris  

Why Do You Need This Set Of Case? Are You Still Troubling About Finding A Layer Of Protection For Your Expensive Amazon Tap Or Where To Store The Tap's Charger, Base And Cable? KOSOX 2016 New Released Customized Set Of Carrying Case & Accessories Case Offers You The Best Solution. Have You Been F...
Jason Morris Jason Morris  

Below is my review of the case set for the Amazon Tap case set from KOSOX. Bottom line is it gets the job done but f I had not received a discount to provide a unbiased review. I would not have paid $22 asking price. This makes it easy to grab and go from inside to outside and room to room. The loop handle is perfect for transporting the Tap. It is a small trade off to have to plug in the charger instead of sitting on the base. I consider this a good accessory for my needs. The quality is nice but does not merit the premium pricing. #kosox
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher  

#kosox Get protection and portability for your amazon tap Quality leather here!