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KOSOX Meat Tenderizer & Marinating Prep Tool, Stainless Razor-sharp Steel Blades Promotion

Extremely sharp and durable blades reduce shrinkage and cuts meat fibre through connective tissues into irresistible juicy and flavourful masterpieces pockets.

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KOSOX Meat Tenderizer & Marinating Prep Tool, Stainless Razor-sharp Steel Blades

Professional Meat Steak Tenderizer, KOSOX 56 Stainless Razor-sharp Steel Blades meat tenderizer with Safety Lock

Are you tired with long-time cooking, BBQing, frying, or chewing the hard steak as stone or with no flavor, it's time to end the enduring long kitchen time, here is a quite-quick, delicious and life-expanding tool. Make cooking quickly, safely and easily.
Enjoy deeper and quicker penetration of marinades, up to 40% reduced cooking time and even cooking throughout chicken and other meats with uneven thicknesses.

Operating Instructions:
1. Before using the tenderizer for the first time. It is recommended that it be cleaned thoroughly.
2. Place roast, steak, fish or other cut of meat on the cutting board. Remove cover from your meat tenderizer.
3. Gently press your meat tenderizer on the top of the steak,roast or other cut of meat. Avoid all bones. Repeat this process covering the entire piece of meat over and often as desired.
4. Cleaning your meat tenderizer after using. Make sure the water temperature is less than 80 degrees to prevent the plastic part deformed.
5. It can be more flexible to use if you lubricate the blades with cooking oil before use.

IMPORTANT: Keep blades away from body. Caution: Sharp blades! Twist tenderizer to lock blades and replace cover when not in use.