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KOSOX Collapsible Multi-Layers Oxford Lunch Tote Bag (Brown + Grey) Promotion

KOSOX Multi-layer Oxford Lunch Bag is the perfect assistance to your diet management.

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KOSOX Collapsible Multi-Layers Oxford Lunch Tote Bag (Brown + Grey)

Why you choose this lunch tote bag?

KOSOX Multi-layer Oxford Lunch Bag, perfect assistance to your diet management. The detachable inner layer design makes you store different foods separately, effectively avoid cross-contamination of foods. The solution for daily demands, such as at work, school, travel, gym, etc.

High capacity - lunch, drink, snake, fruits, milk carrier, Vitamin Pack, or anything you would like to store.
Smart pouch - inside and back both have smart pocket for Ice Pack, utensils, napkins, keys.
Two ways for carrying - a comfort-grip handle and a removable shoulder strap.
Great for officers and students - design in assorted colors, chic or understated, choice you love.
Cover storage - carry bento containers upright, food stays put. FOLDS FLAT when not in use.
Built to last - make of high quality water resistant Oxford fabric.
Excellent gifts for school kids and busy workers. Gray PEVA-lined interior is PVC-free and makes accidental spills easy to wipe clean.

Marina Rojas Marina Rojas  

This Is A Review For An Item You Can Find At: Https:// This Kosox Collapsible Multi-layer Oxford Lunch Tote Bag Is Made Of A Heavy Duty Material That Reminds Me Of Good Old Fashioned Burlap, Although It Is Not Rough And Unpleasant Like Burlap. This Lunch Bag Has A Handle And A Carrying Strap. The Main Compartment On The Inside Can Be Divided Into Two Areas So You Could Separate The Food Packed Into Different Sides (for Hot And Cold, Maybe?) And It Is A Perfect Fit For Bento Box Styled Food Containers. It’s Insulated To Help Keep My Food Hot Or Cold, And I Like That The Design Color Of The Tote Is Very Neutral. All In All, This Is One Of The Most Prestigious Looking Lunch Tote Bags I’ve Ever Seen. It Has Several Compartments For Different Foods. It Has Zippered Areas In Which You Can Tuck Snacks Or Napkins Or Plastic Forks And Spoons Into. It’s Just Really Convenient And This Bag Looks Really Great. The Fact That It All Folds Up When You’re Finished Is Extra Convenient, Too! Disclosure: I Bought This Product With A Promotional Discount (or Was Given The Product For Free) In Exchange For My Honest And Unbiased Review. #KOSOXlunchtote #CollapsibleLunchTote #Multi-layerLunchTote #giveawayservice #productreview #Amazonproductsreview
Talia Smith Talia Smith  

This is seriously the coolest lunch box there's two sections in it so you can hold hot items and cold items at the same time! And it even comes with a strap. It fits my #easylunchboxes as well #lunchbox
Marina Rojas Marina Rojas  

This is a review for an item you can find…
Savannah Ramey Savannah Ramey  

#lunch #lunchbox#lunchtime #cooler #healthy #style #oxford #kosox great lunch box. It is stylish and practical!
Sean-Loan Hornick Sean-Loan Hornick  

I got this lunch bag free for writing a review on for a kosox lunch tote bag pretty sweet and is large great item.
Savannah Ramey Savannah Ramey  

#lunch #lunchbox#lunchtime #cooler #healthy #style #oxford #kosox great lunch box. It is stylish…
Talia Smith Talia Smith  

How cute is my new lunch box? Can hold and cold at the same time!
Marina Rojas Marina Rojas  

This is a review for an item you can find at: This Kosox Collapsible Multi-layer Oxford Lunch Tote bag is made of a heavy duty material that reminds me of good old fashioned burlap, although it is not rough and unpleasant like burlap.  This lunch bag has a handle and a carrying strap.  The main compartment on the inside can be divided into two areas so you could separate the food packed into different sides (for hot and cold, maybe?) and it is a perfect fit for bento box styled food containers.  It’s insulated to help keep my food hot or cold, and I like that the design color of the tote is very neutral.  All in all, this is one of the most prestigious looking lunch tote bags I’ve ever seen.  It has several compartments for different foods.  It has zippered areas in which you can tuck snacks or napkins or plastic forks and spoons into.  It’s just really convenient and this bag looks really great.  The fact that it all folds up when you’re finished is extra convenient, too! Disclosure:  I bought this product with a promotional discount (or was given the product for free) in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. #KOSOXlunchtote  #CollapsibleLunchTote  #Multi-layerLunchTote  #giveawayservice  #productreview  #Amazonproductsreview
Talia Smith Talia Smith  

This Is Seriously The Coolest Lunch Box There's Two Sections In It So You Can Hold Hot Items And Cold Items At The Same Time! And It Even Comes With A Strap. It Fits My #easylunchboxes As Well Https:// #lunchbox
Savannah Ramey Savannah Ramey  

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