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Koolbabyessentials Pacifier Clips Promotion

Our pacifier clips really comes in handy especially when your baby is on the go or in the stroller or just crawling around.

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Koolbabyessentials Pacifier Clips

NO MORE DROPPED/LOST PACIFIER- Our pacifier Clips really comes in handy especially when your baby is on the go or in the stroller or just crawling around. If they happen to drop it our pacifier clip saves the day from all those nasty germs as it hits the ground . Better yet you don't ever have to look for that thing either so you might as well secure in it in style.

PREMIUM QUALITY - The Premium Koolbabyessentials Pacifier holder is made from 100% Polyester material can be easily cleaned and won't break and rust.It's really simple to use any type of pacifier works with these because you just place the loop of string through any hole or handle on your pacifier, then place the Clip end through the loop and then pull that's it. Now add your pacifier onto the string end and attach to baby done.

UNISEX DESIGNS-Cute, trendy, and perfect for both baby boys and girls Modern Design. Great Pacifier holder stays on firmly and are easy to attach.

PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFTS- Great for baby shower surprise,moms and dads would love the pacifier clips. Don't forget to also buy this as a PERFECT GIFT for your family and friends.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- Our absolute 100% no questions asked you'll totally love it or you get all your money back guarantee. We want you to purchase your Pacifier Clips knowing you will be fully satisfied. It's that simple. No fuss guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your Pacifier Clip, we will completely refund your order