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Kissbobo Women's One Piece Strapless Self Adhesive Bras Promotion

Naturally providing you with new heights of confidence and comfort.

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Kissbobo Women's One Piece Strapless Self Adhesive Bras

Kissbobo nude One Piece uplift nubra based on enhance cleavage, self- adhesive, backless, strapless,invisible, washable and reusable of the highest quality at an incredible price. Easy to wear and gently lifting your breasts up to the maximum cleavage. Naturally providing you with new heights of confidence and comfort.
Size Chart: A-B Cup: 30B, 32B, 34B, 36A C-D Cup: 30C, 32C, 34C, 36B, 30D, 32D, 34D, 36C
Steps to use:
Step 1: Gently clean your breasts. Dry your skin with a soft towel before you use it.
Step 2: With both hands on the bra, holding up from the bottom and press firm for a few seconds to secure the hold.
Step 3: Care for the silicone bra: Simply clean the bra with mild soap and warm water after every wearing.Then let it air dry, the adhesive regenerates itself for next use. Finally, put it in the box to avoid the dust.

NOTE: Do not recommend for hot temperatures, because sweat may make it slip down. Do not use moisturizers, perfumes, powders or other skin care products before applying the silicone bra, as this will reduce the effect of the adhesive.

Package Content: 1 x Silicone One Piece Push Up Invisible Bra

Tammy Lule Tammy Lule  

Kissbobo Woman's Adhensive Strapless Bra Is A Nude Bra That Holds The Front Of Your Breasts Up Firmly. It Has A Soft Silicone Feel And Adds A Nice Feminine Touch To Any Wardrobe. This Invisible Bra Has A Adhesive Back And Is Very Sticky, This Product Comes Rolled Up On A Piece On Non Stick Plastic That Has Straightforward Instructions On How To Use This Product Properly For The Best Results. This Product Holds Up The Breasts Up Great With No Sagging And Maximum Cleavage. This Invisible Bra Is Easy To Put On And Adds A Beautiful Shape To The Breasts With No Visible Nipple Showing Through Your Clothes. This Is A Strapless Bra So Many Variety Of Clothes To Wear This Bra With Dresses, Rompers, Halter Tops Etc. This Bra Will Last Many Dressings Because The Adhensive Back Is So Strong And Sticky. Even Though It's Very Sticky It Not Hard At All To Take Off Your Breasts And Does Irritate Your Skin. I Love How This Bra Feels It Feels Like Real Breasts And Is So Comfortable To Wear. I Received This Product For Free For My Honest Review. I Would Defiantly Recommend This Product To Others. Great To Wear With Anything And Small Enough To Take In A Purse.
Nova Hedges Nova Hedges  

This #Bra Is Pretty Cool... I Don't Need Any Strap To Hold And It Does Hold Your Breast Nicely.... Sticks Tight And Very Comfortable.. #productreview #giveawayservice
Samantha Hester Samantha Hester  

Find Helpful Customer Reviews And Review Ratings For Kissbobo Women's One Piece Strapless Self Adhesive Silicone Plunge Push Up Bra(Nude,CD) At Read Honest And Unbiased Product Reviews From Our Users.
Nirk QC Nirk QC  

Every Women Needs A Bra Like This For Her Wardrobe. What I Liked About This Product: 1. The Color Is Very Similar To The Skin Color. 2. This Is Small Enough For Wear With An Uncover Back Shirt. 3. The Adhesive Is Very Strong And Sticky BUT It Is So Comfortable To Wear. 4. Although It Is Obviously Sticky, It's Not Difficult Take It Off From Your Breasts. 5. It Did Not Irritate My Skin And My Skin Is Very Sensitive. 6. Your Nipple Are Invisible With This Bra, They Won't Appear Through Your Cloth. 7. This Is Not Like Another Products Which Come With 2 Separate Pieces Making Difficult Place Your Breast At The Same Level. This Is A Really Nice Product. Product Provided On A Discount Price For The Purpose Of Evaluation And Review
Jennifer Racut Jennifer Racut  

Kissbobo Women's One Piece Strapless Self Adhesive Bra Is Great To Be Able To Wear Your Strapless Clothes. Check It Out Here. Https://
Amber Lopez Amber Lopez  

Kissbobo Nude One Piece Uplift Nubra Based On Enhance Cleavage, Self- Adhesive, Backless, Strapless,invisible, Washable And Reusable Of The Highest Quality At An Incredible Price. Easy To Wear And Gently Lifting Your Breasts Up To The Maximum Cleavage. Naturally Providing You With New Heights Of ...