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KINDEN Noise Isolating Bass Earbuds Promotion

Medical silicone, health, good elasticity, does not get dirty easily.

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KINDEN Noise Isolating Bass Earbuds

Medical silicone, health, good elasticity, does not get dirty easily.
Bulet-shaped silicone: Wearing more comfortable, prevent sound leakage and enhance bass sound, prevent falling.
Aluminum Ear housing, enhanced bass and difficult to corrosion monopolar oxidation process, can play anti-magnetic, anti-static, and no corrosion and never fade.
NdFeB magnets speaker, speaker diaphragm is using German technology, diaphragm structure can enhance the echo effect.
Bass: bass dive deep, strong rebound and has no shortage of rebound control, which create a very good appeal and shocking, rational and passionate. A kind of majestic feeling of momentum.
Middle and high tones: transparent emotionally rich full sound, high penetration for treble can be good performance for classic.
One hole on the earbuds,To ensure smooth airflow and Prevent excessive sound suppressed
High elastic TPE wire, containing 32 stocks copper wire, copper wire material is TPC (copper): 99.5%. the cable has been pasted by pull test, swing testing, aging testing. Mic surface has UV process
The mic has Pause/play music , Last/Next song, Fast Forward/Fall back, Answer/hang up/refuse the call fuction.
Metal splitter and plug , Guarantee the life of the product