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KINDEN Earphone Earbuds Earpods Promotion

Made of anti-sweat, anti-bacterial, dirt-proof material! 100% New & High Quality.

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  People Can Apply:  04/17/2016 - 05/02/2016

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KINDEN Earphone Earbuds Earpods

1. 100% New & High Quality

2. Slow shape recovery nature (made by special material which ensures maximum comfort inside your ear tunnel)

3. Soft comfort, Stay In-Ear fit & Pressure less to the ears

4. Anti-sweat, anti-bacterial, Dirt-proof Material

5. Inner diameter: 5 mm (Current standard)

6. Package: 5Pairs Earbud Memory Foam

It does not fit Phillips SHE5910, SHE5920 Reference 250, JBL Reference 220