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Kids EVA 2015 IPad Mini 4 Case Promotion

Super light weight and durable

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Kids EVA 2015 IPad Mini 4 Case

TRELC Kids ShockProof Convertible Handle Light Weight Super Protective Stand Cover Case for Apple iPad Mini 4 .
Designed specifically for Apple iPad Series Tablets. Access to all features and controls. We are avaiable for Apple iPad Mini1/2/3, Apple iPad Mini 4 (2015 Released), Apple iPad Pro 12.9'' (2015 Released), choose the correct model and color that you like.

Super light weight and durable hazard free safe material perfect for kids and grownups alike.

Thick foam fully covers the back, sides and extends above the surface of the iPad screen, which means that the screen will remain safe from scratches if laid on its face. More important, grip handle can provide a secure grip for the device.

Fun driven convertible stand case can change into a handle for easy handling and carrying around from school to home. Also can be folded back to serve as the base to become a stand.

Constructed from impact-resistant EVA material. Corners feature double-thick silicone for outstanding protection against drops and other impacts. Material can withstand considerable wear and tear and provide extreme shock protection.